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The crane has been a vital part of the working landscape since its conception. They're often used in heavy lifting and construction. Cranes are available in a variety of sizes and forms to satisfy a wide range of requirements. Each crane is manufactured to order to meet the individual requirements of its users. This post will look at a variety of EOT (Electric Overhead Travel) cranes offered from a top EOT Cranes Manufacturer in Delhi.


The most popular cranes used on construction sites and in businesses are electric overhead traveling cranes. Electricity powers these cranes, which may be operated from a control room connected to the crane or from a pendant. These cranes can lift both large and small cargo.

EOT Cranes with a Single Girder

Single-girder EOT cranes are lighter than double-girder EOT cranes and have only one major bridge. Single-girder EOT cranes are mostly utilized for short-term tasks and to hoist light-duty loads. EOT cranes with a single girder can lift weights ranging from 1 to 20 tonnes. They come in two varieties: top-running and under-running.

EOT Cranes with Double Girders

To lift large weights, EOT cranes with two girders are employed. They are a more cost-effective alternative that can lift bigger weights as compared to single girder cranes. They are suitable for use with wide pans. They have two large bridges, giving them a strong and robust aspect.


Electricity powers the EOT crane, which may be operated by either the driver or the pendant (remote control). The crane has a 500-tonne lifting capability and a 60-meter span. The universal connection system on these cranes makes installation and adjustment a snap.

The system has just four active and driven wheels, and when the weight to be lifted increases, the wheel pressure is reduced. Instead of being centered on one wheel, the weight will be spread over all four wheels using the articulated frame design.

What Industries Require the Use of an Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane?

The mobile crane may be used in a variety of situations. However, our experience has shown that it performs best when the crane is used in the following application sectors. The single girder overhead moving bridge crane is a critical piece of mechanized equipment.

As a result, single-beam traveling bridge cranes are extensively utilized in both indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel chemical industries, railway transportation, port terminals, logistics turnover, and other departments and areas.


They create and implement programs at LOADMATE to keep cranes, industrial elevators, and other overhead lifting equipment in good operating order and conformity with regulatory requirements. Electric overhead traveling cranes, such as the single girder EOT crane and the double girder EOT crane, is available from them. They can also provide you with a variety of overhead moving bridge cranes to suit your needs.


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