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What Things to Pack First For Your House Move?

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​Packing doesn’t have to be as stressful and hectic as it sounds. It’s all about how you organize things. The biggest mistake of people is leaving everything to the last minute. Packing isn’t something you can do a day before the moving day. You should start it 2-3 weeks early to ensure everything is placed in the right boxes. If you are having trouble with packing, this post is for you. Let’s check the order in which you should pack your house accessories for a move.

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Decide What to Keep

First things first, you need to decide what items to pack. If you are not going to use certain items in your new house, there’s no need to carry heavy luggage. Donate them to charity or send them to a recycling center if they are in a bad condition. The lesser items you keep, the easier the packing will be.

Pack the Least Used Items First

If you are starting packing a few weeks before the moving day, it goes without saying that you will want to start with the least used items first. Pack the off-season items, such as your raincoats, sweaters, boots, and other similar accessories. Your garage, attic, and basements are a few other least used areas. You should pack by room. It will be much easier to get everything packed quickly.

Pack Items in Your Storage Room

Most items in your storage room are already packed. Similarly, people don’t unpack the items they keep in the attic. It is, therefore, easier for people to pack these items first. So, check your storage to see if there’s anything you can pack first.

Pack the Most Difficult Items First

Never start with the easy-to-pack items. Leaving your difficult rooms for the last minute can be your biggest mistake. Difficult items, such as your house decor accessories, glass items, jewelry, and other sensitive products are quite difficult to pack. You don’t want the hassle of packing everything before the moving day. Besides, there’s always a risk of damaging your sensitive items when you are in a hurry.

Pack Off-season Items

Move on to the off-season items that you are not using currently. For example, if you are moving your house in summer, pack the Christmas trees & ornaments, your sweaters, and other winter accessories. If it is not the season for certain items, pack them first.

Pack Your Books, Kitchen Appliances, Toiletries, Etc.

Once you are done with the house accessories and other off-season stuff, pack your books, paperwork, and other less-used items. Move on to the kitchen appliances once you are done with the books and off-season items. The goal is to pack by rooms so that it is easier to unpack in your new house.

Pack Your Essentials Last

Keep a bag for your essentials—the items you will need for the first few days after arriving at your new place. This bag should have your medicines, important paperwork, towels, a pair of comfy, clothes, and toiletries.

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