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What to Consider When Creating a Marketing Strategy

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The marketing industry is constantly evolving and changing to keep up with the latest technologies and innovations. But keeping track of all of these trends and advancements can be a tedious task. 

So no matter what marketing agency you work with, it’s important to understand how they weave these trends into their various media strategies.

But if you want to get ahead of the curve, and rock up to your agency’s door with a strategy ready to go, then read on to discover what you need to consider when making a marketing strategy.

Distinguish Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is the first major step in creating a marketing strategy. You should take the time and effort to understand their wants and needs, their likes and dislikes, as well as general information such as age and occupation.

Recognise Your Unique Value Proposition

Once you’ve understood and identified your audience, it’s time to look inward and recognise your brand’s unique value proposition. What makes your specific product or service stand out from competitors in the industry? Identifying your unique point of difference early on in your marketing strategy development can help you shape key messages that showcase the uniqueness of your company.

Set Clear and Quantifiable Objectives

Before creating any marketing strategy, it’s essential to set clear goals that you can track and measure. These objectives should follow the SMART methodology while also pertaining to your business goals. to be particular, achievable, and tied to your overall trade targets. By setting these clear objectives, you can keep track of your progress, which can inform you how well your strategy is playing out.

Select the Correct Marketing Channels

With so many marketing channels at your fingertips, it’s important that you choose the ones that are best suited for your target audience. This might incorporate social media, EDMs, creating SEO-friendly content and much more. By working with an agency, their experts will guide your final platform choices.

Create a Reliable Brand Voice

To ensure your brand’s online presence is well regarded by your audience, it’s important that you create a reliable and trustworthy brand identity. Ensure that you’re using a team of copywriters and designers to communicate your brand’s personality and vision. This will typically apply to your website, social media platforms of choice, among other digital spaces.

Review and Test Your Content

To ensure that your content is hitting all of the right notes, you should be reviewing and testing it with your audience. They are the best people to provide feedback about how your marketing efforts are going. Also keep track of various analytics to ensure that the technical side of your marketing efforts are performing well too.

Optimise Your Technique Based on Information

Based on the results derived from your reviews and tests, you can make well-informed decisions to refine your marketing strategy. For example, if your posts aren’t gaining much engagement at a certain time of day, try adjusting the posting time and see what comes about it.


In conclusion, developing a successful marketing strategy requires careful planning, execution and analysis. By working with a highly-regarded marketing agency, you can create a holistic marketing plan that can lead to an increase in sales, customer retention and a consistent brand identity.


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