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Being stranded on a UAE road in your car is the last thing anyone wants, especially if you’re on your way to a trip or an important meeting. Although inconvenient, it is a fact that most of us have had to deal with. Friends and family may advise that a well-maintained automobile will save you from this inconvenience. It is not correct.

Even a well-maintained car can fail at any time. Hence, the best thing to do is to prepare for such scenarios with the necessary tools or Car Recovery Abu Dhabi. Panicking will not help you, but the best car towing service Abu Dhabi can do!

With this in mind, today, in this article, we will discuss what to do if you get stranded on a UAE road. But first, let’s go over the typical reasons someone can become stranded.

Reasons To Get Stranded On A Uae Road.


A car battery, as with any product, has a life expectancy. For this reason, we propose replacing the battery sooner rather than later. However, aside from the end of life, a variety of other factors lead to a dead battery. For example, you may have left the headlights on while performing your task.

The battery might have died by the time you returned. Similarly, many individuals charge their electronics and listen to music when the engine is off. Again, this quickly depletes the battery. In addition, the alternator belt, which feeds current to the battery, may be faulty. A dead battery means you can’t drive and need a tow car service if you are on a highway.


Mechanical issues are another primary reason for being stranded on a UAE road. A mechanical problem is any difficulty with the engine, gearbox, or brakes. For example, your motor may have overheated, which is typical in the UAE, especially during warm summer. Transmission oil could have leaked. Similarly, the brake rotors could have developed a flaw. You can quickly diagnose in many circumstances before significant damage occurs. However, if they are not, you will likely be stranded and need a tow truck to tow your car.


A car accident might result in the loss of critical fluids such as braking, gearbox, or engine oil. It’s also possible that the accident was so severe that the vehicle is no longer roadworthy. Automobile accidents are relatively prevalent. There is a chance of something going wrong while driving, no matter how cautious one is.


It is one of the most vital parts of a vehicle. After all, they can carry the vehicle’s weight and much more. But what if you could have a flat tyre and no spare in the trunk? It will almost certainly leave you stuck. Even if you have an extra tyre, you do not need to know how to change a tyre. Furthermore, a tyre might explode for a variety of causes.

It summarises the various reasons you could become stranded on a UAE road. Let me now discuss how you can get out of this situation or get towing service Abu Dhabi for your help.

How To Get Yourself Out Of Such A Situation If You Are Stranded On A Uae Road?

If you are stranded on the road, here are some things you must do:

Don’t Panic if you Get Stranded on a UAE Road. 

Starting to panic is the last thing you should do. When you begin to panic, it is tough to appraise the situation. Therefore, at all times, one must remain calm.

Look for a Safe Spot

Suppose you have experienced a problem that causes your car to steer improperly. It is preferable to pull over sideways.

It’d be far from moving vehicles, as many drivers are constantly distracted by GPS and other devices. A fast car could cause significant harm to your automobile.

If your car’s engine doesn’t start, simply utilize the vehicle’s dynamics to drag it sideways. On the other hand, you can handle your car by moving a little more to the safe side.

Use Hazard Lights and a Flag Piece in the Driver Side Window.

Hazard lights are developed explicitly for such scenarios, allowing you to warn other drivers about your condition technologically.

Also, you can use anything white as a flag to communicate with other drivers. This type of flag draws the attention of a high-speed driver, allowing them to keep a safe distance from your car. Inserting a piece of fabric in the driver’s side window is a better approach to raising a white flag.

However, it is impossible to avoid a breakdown while preventive measures constantly become saviours. You could use a car towing service abu dhabi car scanning and diagnostics service to deal with the potential problem.

Pass through the Passenger Side door

It suggests that you depart your vehicle thru the passenger door. Even if you have pulled over far enough to the side of the road, never get out to the side of passing traffic.

Your companion passenger is likewise responsible for it; you should first ask them to depart the vehicle.

At night, use the flares as a warning.

In case your car broke down late at night. You can safely use the flares as red flags behind your vehicle. First, however, you must place it many feet behind the car. Then, you can put them in a row to protect your vehicle.

Furthermore, you can use the bright cones for safety.

Evaluate the issue, if you Get Stranded on a UAE road. 

A car tends to break down because of a significant problem. Yet, in case you wish to take a look at the problem. Then, it suggests you do the above actions to keep you and your car safe.

Keep an eye out for the problem once you’ve been assured of its safety.

You can look underneath the hood. However, if your car is overheating, don’t attempt to open the hood immediately. Instead, check the dashboard caution first, then try to calm down.

However, a brief analysis is insufficient since an expert may find it difficult to investigate an issue. Yet, certain things are visible, such as a slipped belt or fluid leaking.

Another oddity is the sound. It is a squeak, knock, or sound that may indicate an issue in a specific location. You may struggle to find the proper position, but these sounds may help you get there.

Last but not least, you should investigate some unusual odours. These odours can help you pinpoint a particular problem. For example, burning oil or fluid may indicate an engine problem, whilst a burnt rubber odour may indicate a problem with the electrical wires.

Seek Professional Help, if you Get Stranded on a UAE road. 

Yet, it is a good idea to seek professional help. An expert could hit the bullseye in no time. The best car recovery service Abu Dhabi supports folks who find themselves in a stressful position on the road. In addition, we can help you with car recovery to get you out of difficulty.

A car breakdown is worrying, especially on the highway. Yet, your preventive steps may keep such an incident at bay. First, always attempt to keep a regular car service routine.

Proper car maintenance is always beneficial and saves you a lot of money on car repair costs.

In case you encounter yourself in an odd situation on the road. Simply contact towing service Abu Dhabi for instant assistance or send us an email.

The article is taken from https://carrecoveryabudhabi.ae/stranded-on-a-uae-road/



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