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What happens when you have a bad bodybuilding competition? Your tan wasn’t right, you weren’t cut enough, your poses were off, or something else tanked your chances of winning. What can you learn for next time? Who should you talk to for tips? Grab your bodybuilding apparel, get back in the gym, and get ready to try again with these tips.

Learn From Your Failure

First, you need to identify your mistakes. What went wrong? If you can’t think of anything, ask yourself, what did the other competitors do better? The key goal is to find where you can improve your competition game. Maybe you couldn’t hold your pose long enough, or something went wrong with your tan. You might be able to ask around if you aren’t sure what you did wrong so that you can learn and grow for the next competition. It can help to have your support group watching for you, catching anything you might miss in the excitement of competing.

Get Back to the Gym

Once you know where you need to improve, it’s time to put on your bodybuilding clothes and get back to the gym. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself that you lost, use that energy to power a training session. Channel your emotions into a fire that can help you dominate the next competition. Harness your passion and make it work for you as you overcome your previous failure. You can’t win if you stop trying, which means getting in the necessary gym time.

Look to the Community for Advice

You don’t need to do everything yourself. Chances are good that someone at your gym has been to a competition. Ask them for advice, especially if they won. If you wear lifting clothes that signify you are part of a bodybuilding community, you can also turn to the larger community online. Many people will be more than happy to give you advice or tips to help you conquer the competition. It could be a new training routine, diet, or supplements you didn’t know could help your situation.

Develop a New Training Plan

It might be time to tweak your training plan or try something new completely. You can use the advice from other people to help guide you through a new routine. This can help you target different muscles, making more gains the name of the game. It can help to incorporate what other competitors are doing. You might need to go even harder in the gym to get the changes you need.

Accept No Compromises

When you put on your lifting clothes, there are no compromises. It might be a joke that people skip leg day, but you can’t skip anything if you are hoping to win. Give it your all, and don’t make excuses. Show up to your training session and do the work you need to win your competition. Be relentless, and you will be one step closer to a medal.

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