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Are you unable to insert and eject discs on your PS4, or Is your PS4 unable to read your disc’s data? If yes, then you have come to the right place because today, we will show you exactly how you can fix this problem so that you can use your gaming console without any issue or problem.

Make Sure There Is No Disc in Your Gaming Console

If your PS4 is not accepting your disc, then make sure it does not have any disc in it already. Why? Because someone might have put a disc in it when you were not at home without informing you about it. To make sure this is not the case, push the eject button of your PS4(located in the front side of your PS4) and see if it ejects a disc or not. It may sound like stupid advice, but it may just help you out in fixing your PS4. So, make sure that your PS4 does not have any disc in it already before trying to put a new disk in it.

Reboot Your Gaming Console

If your PS4 is not taking, reading, or ejecting a disc, then this might be due to a temporary bug, and we can fix this problem by rebooting our gaming console. To reboot your PlayStation 4:

  1. Press the power button that is located in front of your PS4 for 10-15 seconds or until you hear two beeps from your gaming console.
  2. Finally, press the power button again to restart your PS4 and complete the reboot process.

Use the Manual Eject Screw to Eject Your Disc

If you are unable to eject a disc from your gaming console using the eject button of your PS4, then you can remove it using the manual eject screw of your PS4. To do this safely:

  1. Switch off your gaming console (PS4).
  2. Next, remove all the connected cables from it.
  3. Now remove the top panel of your PlayStation 4.
  4. Next, find the manual eject screw on your PlayStation4 and tighten it to eject your inserted disc.
  5. You have successfully ejected your disc manually using the manual eject screw of your PS4.

Clean Your Disc

Sometimes PlayStation4 might not take your disc or be unable to read if the disc you are putting in it is not clean. So, make sure that the disc that you are inserting in your PS4 does not have dust on it if your PS4 is not taking your disc or is unable to read it. To do this safely, clean your disc with a microfiber cloth and then try to insert the disc again in your PS4 and see if it is taking your disc or is able to read your disc. 

Note: Make sure that you only use a dry cloth (dry microfiber cloth) for cleaning your disc. Otherwise, you may damage your disc.

Rebuild Your PS4 Database

Sometimes rebooting your device might not fix the bugs or firmware issues of your PlayStation 4 that might be affecting its ability to take, read or eject discs. But that does not mean we can’t do anything about it. We can quickly solve this problem by rebuilding the database of our PS4. To do this:

  1. Turn off your PlayStation 4.
  2. Now enable “Safe mode” on it by pressing and holding its power button until you hear two beeps from it.
  3. After that, connect your controller to your PS4.
  4. Finally, select the “Rebuild Database” option and tap the “X” button of your controller to start rebuilding your PS4 database.

Note: This process may take some time, depending upon the amount of data that is present on your gaming console.


These five fixes can quickly fix your PlayStation 4 so that you can use it without any problem. However, if these tips do not fix your gaming console problem, then this might be due to the hardware failure of your PlayStation 4, and you must take it to an authorized repair center to get it repaired.

Do you find this PS4 fixes helpful? Do share your views with us in the comments.

Source-What to Do When a PS4 Doesn’t Accept


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