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Though Brother Printers provide easy and smooth functioning, they are renowned for unable to print black. Brother Printer not printing black is a common issue faced by the Brother Printer users. Overall, these printers are very reliable and provide excellent functioning to their users. Brother Printer not printing black is not an issue that cannot be resolved.

To resolve the problem, you must first be aware of the reasons causing the problem:

What stops Brother Printer from printing black?

  1. Cartridge’s Breather Tape not removed.

When the Breather Tape on the top of the cartridge has not been removed before installing, your Brother Printer will face trouble printing black ink. If the Breather tape has not been removed, the black ink will remain vacuum sealed and won’t come out of the cartridge.

  1. The cartridge has run dry.

Brother printer problems are not always related to how to setup Brother Printer, but it may also be when you forget to change the cartridge, and it runs dry. If your cartridge is running low on ink, it is a warning sign for the users. If you do not replace the cartridge on time, air will be introduced into the nozzle and will permanently damage the printhead.

  1. Using low-quality black ink cartridge

Using an unauthentic low-quality black ink cartridge will not work correctly with your Brother printer. There is a vast difference in cartridge quality between the generic and non-generic cartridges. The viscosity of the non-generic cartridges is not suitable and can cause malfunctioning of the printer.

  1. Faulty purge pump

If there is a faulty purge pump, it can cause stop the printing of black colour. The printer will not be able to get the ink flowing.  Because of the defective purge pump, either nothing or missing bits will come out of the printer.


Quick resolves for Brother Printer to start printing black:

  1. Printing regularly

If you continue to print regularly from your Brother Printer, the ink will continuously flow through the printhead. This, in turn, will prevent the blocking of the nozzle.

  1. Using generic Brother Printer cartridges.

A high-quality cartridge will use quality ink, which will produce high-quality printouts with the correct viscosity. It will also prevent clogging of the nozzle.

  1. Ensure that your printer is not placed in a warm place

If your Brother Printer is placed near a window or somewhere near to a warm place, the black ink is likely to congeal when the printhead is not in use. Make sure to place your Brother Printer in a cooler place to avoid any such issues.

For any other queries or difficulties, you can take assistance from the Brother Printer’s support technicians.


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