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Have you ever dealt with a headphone jack that doesn’t work correctly? If yes, then keep reading this guide to learn the ways to solve the issue. Mobile phones with a 3.5mm headphone jack, are widely used because of the affordability. And such headphone jacks are prone not to work. Therefore, this post combines some practical ways to solve this problem. Let’s proceed ahead to learn the tips and tricks.

Check your headphones for damages

If you find your phone’s headphone slot is not working correctly, then in that case, don’t panic as it is a common issue. You have to make sure that your headphones are in good condition. If the headphone does not have any physical damage, check it on a different phone. You can consider any device with a 3.5mm slot like a laptop, TV, and more. 

While checking your headphones, if you don’t hear audio through other devices whose audio slots are working, replace it with a new one as the problem may be internal. 

Ensure that the device isn’t connected via Bluetooth  

If your smartphone can be paired with wireless devices such as headphones and speakers through the Bluetooth feature, that can be a reason behind the headphone jack not working as the audio output can be disabled. 

You can fix this issue in a few seconds. You have to access the settings menu of your smartphone and try to find Bluetooth settings. And you have to confirm in the Bluetooth settings that it is on or off. If it is on, you have to turn it off. If Bluetooth is the actual problem, it will be fixed as you turn it off.

Clean the Headphone slot     

You know phone’s charging and headphone’s slots usually get dirty with dust and lint over time. It may be a reason behind a defective headphone jack. So why not try cleaning it as a steady accumulation of dirt blocks the connection cores of the jack.

To check if the slot is clean or not, use a flashlight. If you find the slot is dirty, clean it without delay. This act can fix a malfunctioning headphone jack. 

Restart the device or check audio output settings   

You should check the audio settings of the device; if there is any problem with the settings, solve it. After that you restart the device to fix the problem. If you still have the same problem, the next step is the final solution. 

Finally, consider professional help

If you have tried all the above tips and tricks and your headphone jack still doesn’t work, visit a repair shop or call a professional. Please remember that if the defective device comes under warranty period, visit the manufacturer’s service center. They will solve the issue or replace the model. 

This post includes some tips and tricks to solve problems with a headphone jack. Try every method one by one to fix the problem. 

Source-What To Do When Your Headphone Jack Doesn’t Work


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