If you currently write a blog either for your business or as a personal account of your life, then you might wonder what you should do with it when you take a vacation. After all, although in many cases your blog will be at least a small part of your work, and a vacation should mean you don’t have to work, the way that content marketing is set up means that any drop in the number of posts you usually upload could have a serious negative effect on your search engine rankings. So what is the best thing to do? Read on for some ideas.

Write Advance Posts

Most blogging platforms and software will allow you to upload a blog post and then choose when it goes live. In other words, you can upload multiple blog posts and set them to publish at specific times on specific days.

No one will even know you’re away if you do this, and your SEO work won’t be undone. The only thing you need to remember is that you must make the posts quite general ones that don’t relate to any current events which might have happened since you left the country. The negative of this idea is that, of course, you’ll have to write all these blogs. Rather than taking your time and writing one or two a week, you’ll have to write them all at once so you can schedule them. That’s potentially a lot of work, and when you’re rushing to get away on vacation, it might be too much to do. One way around this is to have guest bloggers create content for you. You’ll still have to upload in advance, but the work itself will be much less.

Republish Old Posts

There is something to be said for doing things that will save you time when you’re going on vacation. That’s why ParkOn is so popular, for example, allowing you to pre-book your airport parking. It’s why online check-in is something many people choose to do. It’s why there are so many hotels near airports, giving you a chance to save time on the day of your flight by already being close by.

Something else that will save you time on your vacation is republishing old posts. Rather than writing something new, you can take a post that you wrote months or even years ago, use your blogging platform tools to change the date, and repost it. Any new readers won’t have seen it before, and any old readers won’t have seen it for a long time. This takes just a few moments and will ensure you have content uploaded even when you’re away. You might not mind doing work when you’re on vacation as long as you can do it quickly and conveniently, and republishing allows you to do just that.

Keep Writing

Finally, when you go on vacation, and you have a blog to maintain, you do have the choice of continuing to write for it, even if you’re away from home. This would entail taking your laptop with you or a phone or tablet if that’s the equipment you normally use, but it's nothing extra to pack since you are likely to be doing that anyway. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to do any additional work before you go away, and you won’t lose any followers through not posting. Of course, the problem with this idea is that you’ll have to do work on your vacation and depending on how long it takes you to write and upload your blog, this could be a large percentage of your time away.


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