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It needs to be noted here that even the best built, robust and strongest of roofs possess some kind of structural flaws and weaknesses. So, you need to inspect your roof at least once or twice in a year, for preventing any sort of major damage to your existing home roof, and its associated structure or wooden framework. For example, a heavy snow or rain can inflict permanent and irreparable damage. In Woodland Hills, CA, there are quite a few roofing experts that can help you understand what to expect from a professional roofing project. You can always consult with them, before making any decision. Let’s understand what to expect from an expert roof inspection.

  1. Complete Roof Inspection & Checking
  • Ensuring there’s proper insulation in the attic or in the loft area.
  • Looking for proper and functional ventilation.
  • Checking the growth of moss, mold, algae & moisture.

Here, the local Woodland Hills roofers can be the best guide and support in this endeavor of yours, by finding all the flaws and errors.

Exterior Inspection & Checking

  • Visible leaks on the surface & joints.
  • Skylight damage or material surface corrosion.
  • Condition of Asphalt roof shingles, tiles, rolls and slates.
  • Condition of the flashing material.
  • Leaks and gaps around the chimney and pipe collars.

There are other things & aspects to consider from an Inspection Job. Such as:

> Improper Flashing Installation – if the roof flashing has been erroneously installed on the continuous joints, it may lead to gaps and crevices, thus enabling rain water to get inside the house, or when the snow melts during the springtime.

> Leaks – you need to regularly inspect leaks, punctures, holes and pores that develop on the surface of the home roof, due to continuous exposure to the elements like sunlight, rain, storm, snow or wind.

> Moss & Molds – as a homeowner, you need to take steps to ensure that there’s never any growth of moss, algae or mold on your roof which can be very harmful for the roofing material, especially when it comes to Asphalt shingles or wooden roofs that have a tendency to retain moisture. It can cause permanent damage.

> Structural Damage – you also need to go for a thorough inspection with your Woodland Hills roofing contractor for any major structural damage sustained to the framework, after a heavy storm, wind or snow blizzard.

> Roofing Shingles Erosion – after some years, the Asphalt shingles begin to crumble, wear-out and get detached from the joints, due to extremes of weather condition. So, you need to tell your roofing contractor to inspect these roof shingles for any wear & tear and physical damage after a strong gust of wind.

> Gutter Inspection – go for a gutter inspection twice or thrice in a year, after every rain, snow or storm, as the passage of water might get blocked or clogged with leaves, dirt, branches, twigs and other sediments that accumulate after a certain period of time.

When you notice all these problems by yourself, always think of calling a roofing professional or an expert in your town that can further carry out necessary inspection, and do the roof repair & replacement job. If required, completely tear down the old structure, and install a brand-new one, with improved and quality materials.


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