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LG is one of the most reputed companies in the market that sell a variety of electronic products, including fridges, TV, washing machine, laptops, smartphones, and much other stuff. We are specifically going to talk about LG smartphones in this article. LG launched some smartphones in the year 2020 that were quite decent. The company is continuously putting its efforts into making great smartphones at affordable prices, and it will be interesting to see what the company will offer us in 2021. There are a few things that we can expect from the company this year, they are:

Competitive Budget-Friendly Smartphones

The high-end smartphones of LG are undoubtedly remarkable, but when we look at budget segments, we don’t get many decent options. The company is struggling to offer powerful smartphones at affordable prices. The company uses low-powered MediaTek processors in most of its cheap smartphones. In my opinion, the company needs to change this. It will be better if the company uses powerful processors in its mid-range smartphones, as Xiaomi and a few other companies do. Well, there is hope that LG will launch a few budget-friendly smartphones this year with powerful chipsets. Let’s see whether it happens or not.

Fantastic Camera Quality

Well, nobody wants to buy a smartphone with poor camera quality these days, especially from a major brand. LG obviously offers nice camera quality with its smartphones, such as LG Velvet, LG V60, and LG Wing. They all have pretty good camera performances. I think, having a smartphone with fantastic camera quality is a genuine concern of people because everyone can not afford a DSLR. And even if you can afford a DSLR camera, it still won’t be as handy and user-friendly as a smartphone is. However, we can expect from the company that it should launch some smartphones with fantastic camera quality.

Boost the Update Process

Honestly, LG is great at giving software updates. Due to this, South Korea always gets updates before any other markets. The only problem is that the updates don’t arrive immediately. Users have to wait for them. The company has indeed improved its update process, but LG needs to work on it a bit more so that consumers won’t have to wait for updates. Well, Samsung has already pledged to offer smartphone updates for up to three years. We would also love to see LG doing this for some of its phones too.

Work on the Explorer Project

The company’s first smartphone from the Explorer Project was LG Wing, it offered quite a unique design, and it succeeded too. We would love to see some new smartphones from the company’s Explorer Project. Well, LG is already working on a rollable smartphone that will be the next device in the Explorer Project, and the company will launch it in early 2021. Well, it will be interesting to see that rollable smartphone, but we would love to see more devices in the Explorer Project.

Audio Credentials

LG already offers a 3.5mm port with its smartphones along with quad DAC audio hardware and fantastic audio recording capabilities. Despite all these, we would love to see additional wireless audio codecs as well as Bluetooth support with LG’s devices. If the company includes all these audio credentials in its upcoming smartphones, we undoubtedly will love to buy them.

These are all the things that I think LG should include in its smartphones. Let’s see what the company offers us this year.

Source :- https://a4setup.co.uk/what-to-expect-from-lg-in-2021/


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