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Most people are unaware that all movies tell a story. Even if they know there's a beginning middle and end, many don't. While some movies are more entertaining than others, understanding how they work will help you appreciate them better. It is a good idea to write your own movie summary, especially if consider yourself a film buff. You can remember characters, plots, and endings of movies when you write a synopsis. As you catalog the information, you will begin to improve your movie knowledge and impress your family and friends.


The storyline is always the first thing that you will see in a movie synopsis. This is the storyline of the film, no matter what name you give it. This part should be as factual as possible, describing what happened first, second, and third. You can then get a good idea of the direction that the film has taken, and what the audience learned about the story. You can also include smaller subplots if they have had an impact on the main story. If there are small stories that do not influence the plot then it is up to you whether or not they should be included in the synopsis.

Main Characters

In a synopsis for a film, you'll need to introduce your main characters. The main characters are those who have the most dialogue and action in the film. If you're feeling fancy, you can also call them the protagonists or antagonists. Then, describe them in the film. You can include their past, if it is known, or their actions. Include less important characters if they have a major contribution to the film soap2day.

What is the End?

Some people believe that the synopsis of a film should not include the ending. This is not required. It doesn't matter what happened, since you are the one who is writing and reading. You've seen the film. If you are writing a synopsis to give to someone who hasn't seen the film, you may want to leave out the ending so they don't learn anything about it before they see the movie.

You can use a synopsis to catalogue the movies that you have, watch and want to learn more about. These synopses can help you form opinions and make better movie choices over time. Who says watching movies is only about entertainment? You can use it to learn more about film and yourself.


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