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What To Keep In Mind While Giving A Presentation?

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Knowing how to present ahead of your company's senior executives or another company has a significant impact on your career. Some presenters shape up their great success. Other people give up and burn only to lament a chance missed. The following tips come in handy when you have a presentation with a CEO, CMO, Senior VP, VP, etc. For example, you may be proposing a successful new social media project or convincing executives of a prospect about a web-based payroll solution at your organization.

In such a scenario, consider these suggestions:

Have supporting data

Do not attempt the mistake of not answering the question of a senior manager during the presentation. Managers have the right to find the missing gaps in their reasoning or content. It is best to expect potential questions by detecting what content could be vulnerable to questioning. Have supporting data on any aspects of your presentation that may be considered counter-intuitive, unpredicted, contrary to current views, or results in significant changes.

Practical presentation skills coaching assists you with the required skills needed for a good presentation.

Effective time utilisation

Time is valuable to senior managers. They have multiple things to get done throughout the day. But they took out time to hear you out. So, be organized in the time allocated to cover your content. Always leave plenty of time for debate or questions.

Be flexible

It is normal for senior executives to ask you to jump back to a specific section of your presentation or fast forward. An extended discussion of a particular slide may mean that you must whip through other less important slides to get back on track and cover the remaining presentation. The secret is versatility and what they want to focus on and not necessarily what you want. Presentation skills coaching teaches ways to bring flexibility to your work.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is always important, and it is imperative for senior executives. You need to find an expert who can advise you on how to deliver your best material to the intended people attending the meeting. You can seek the help of a strategic communications consultant to guide you to achieve the desired results.

Keep it simple

Eliminate details that take your conversation off track or cloud your main points. In presentations to executives, lean towards focusing on the bottom line. The simpler and candid your presentation is, the easier it is for your audience to understand how to assist and advance things.



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