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What to Learn From Inspirational Speeches by Women?

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When you think of great speeches in history, images of Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, and Barack Obama may spring forth. Women have always needed to speak louder to make their voices heard. The 21st century has seen monumental shifts in gender equality. Successful movements and global fights for abortion rights are some instances highlighting the issue. Women have fought all the restrictions and made a platform for themselves.

Some inspirational speeches by women highlight their status in society, struggles, and success. Here is a list of teachings to take home:


There are a few things as powerful as having command over your distinct voice. It makes your identity, and nobody can take that away from you. It makes you memorable, recognizable, and different from the rest. When a speaker has command of her voice, she can begin to leverage it to make an impact. Do you have a grasp of your unique voice?


Like voice, presence connects to your very sense of being. Your presence fills the room when you walk in. The feeling overcomes a crowd, including your posture, style, and energy emanating from your body. The audience feels your presence without a word spoken. Can you describe your presence in three words and work it to your advantage?


All our favorite famous speeches by women inspirational speaker have a sense of purpose. Your purpose is the mission statement that drives every word from your mouth. Without a purpose, your words will lack cohesion and ultimately fall flat. When you lack purpose, you lack focus. So it is essential to find your “why,” even if that is subject to constant change.


Finally, the impact refers to the results and consequences from your address, whether direct or indirect. You can measure it in infinite ways, but it is good to have a goal in mind before starting the talk. Perhaps the ultimate measure of “power” in the famous speeches by women is how history remembers their impact. Thanks to inspirational speeches by women, the topic of gender equality remains at the forefront of the public’s minds.

We have a long way to go when it concerns equal pay and gender stereotypes, among other global issues. However, speeches gave women a platform to make their voices heard and create a lasting impression.


If you read these learnings from famous speeches by women and picture yourself in any of their shoes, you can become a famous orator. A strong topic is essential for a great start and end, apart from confidence. If you want to narrate a story or convey a message to the audience, remember these takeaways from famous women and their great speeches.


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