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Your 9-iron is a little bent. The grip on your 4-iron is starting to wear down. You can’t even remember when you bought your pitching wedge. The bottom line is, it’s time for a new set of irons. And with the amount of golfing you do, you want irons that can take your game to a whole new level. With so many options to choose from, finding the best ones might seem impossible. But with this guide, you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect golf irons before your next tee time. Here’s everything you need to know.

Find Irons That Provide an Extra 10-20 Yards of Distance

If you feel like your distance has peaked or your 5-iron always falls short, you could be leaving some yardage on the table. The first place to look is your clubs. As brands continue to innovate, you want to choose irons made by a company focused on using the best materials and designs to generate that extra 10-20 yards of distance you’re looking for.

Look for irons made with high-strength, soft carbon steel and an ultra-thin face. In addition, features like a polymer core material and adjustable weighting can help increase ball speed, forgiveness, and distance. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall in your game, irons made with the latest innovations can help you break through.

Do You Need Forgiveness, Workability, or Both?

Forgiveness? Workability? Both? Determining what you need most can be tricky, but it can help make your search for a new iron a bit easier.

If you still struggle to hit the ball consistently in the middle of the face, you should look for the most forgiving irons that don’t sacrifice other high-quality features. Irons with a larger head size and perimeter weighting can help you achieve maximum distance even on less-than-perfect swings.

Workability is important if you want to focus on adjusting your ball flight. Workable irons have a shorter blade length, a narrower sole, and a thinner top line. This not only looks great, but helps you move the ball exactly how you want with less effort.

The best irons will combine the best of both worlds. They use superior, adjustable technology that works with your swing and helps you better control the trajectory of your shot.

Customized Irons to Suit Your Swing

Every golfer is different, from your height to your swing speed and even the angle of the club face when you hit the ball. While a standard golf club works well enough when you’re trying out golf for the first time, you’re way past this stage. It’s time to customize your irons.

Some of the best club brands offer in-store fittings, so you can meet an expert who can help analyze your swing and design the perfect set of irons.

There are a lot of factors that determine what your custom irons will look like. There’s the loft, the lie, the shaft material, shaft length, grip size, and grip design. If even one of these isn’t a good fit for you, it could throw off your entire game. That’s why a custom fitting is so important.

Upgrading to custom irons is like finding that missing piece to a puzzle. Once you find your perfect fit, everything else seems to fall into place.

Your Clubs Should Look Good and Feel Good

Just like your old man always said: “If you look good, you play good.”

The days of playing in an argyle sweater and flat cap are long over, but the sentiment holds true. When you pull a club out of your bag, there’s no denying that a sleek aesthetic can give you the extra confidence you need to hit the perfect shot. When you line up your shot and love the look of your iron, it’s hard not to swing like you mean it.

Find clubs that look and help you play even better. Plus, it’ll be another reason to get out on the course as often as possible.

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