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What to Wear to a Ballroom Dance Class

How many times have you looked in your closet, glanced around at the array of dresses, tops, pants, and shoes, and then asked yourself that dreaded question: “What am I going to wear?” 

We have all faced the dilemma of being unsure of what to wear to a specific event or worrying that a pair of shoes might not work with your chosen outfit. As your first dance lesson approaches this question carries even more weight. It is easy to imagine yourself twirling across a dance floor in a luxurious ball gown and high heels, but first, we want to introduce you to the best starting point.  

At Dance America, you don’t have to play the guessing game when understanding and deciding what ballroom dance class attire to wear to your first lessons. Our extensive lines of ballroom dancewear and shoes, including Aida dance shoes, can accommodate the novice dancer to the practiced veteran.  

What to Look for in Ballroom Dance Class Attire 

The proper clothing for an activity is essential for comfort and confidence and what you wear for ballroom dancing is no exception. As with any type of athletic endeavor what you wear is an essential part of your equipment just like a well-strung racket in the hands of a tennis player or a properly fitted shoe on the feet of a marathon runner. Before you step foot on the dance floor for your first lesson make sure you are prepared from head to toe.  

Just think about what you want your body to do- move effortlessly without restriction or distraction. You want to see and feel your body in motion therefore your ballroom dancewear must be comfortable, fit well, and allow for movement.  

Dance America understands the importance of providing exceptional attire for all our dancing customers therefore we carry a wide range of ensembles and accessories from ballroom facemasks to dresses that move with every step and turn to top-of-the-line footwear from Aida dance shoes and Supadance. And because we are invested in our dancers experiencing ballroom dancing at its finest, we want to share some best practices to help you with your ballroom dancewear decisions. 

  • Wear a dress or a top and skirt that allows you to move freely. Leotards and yoga ballroom dance pants as well as flared skirts or dresses offer freedom of movement while letting you see your body in motion.  
  • Layering with lightweight sweaters or tops can work well, especially when transitioning seasons and when the temperature begins to heat up in the dance studio.   
  • Avoid anything too structured or restrictive like blazers, pencil skirts, or blue jeans. It is also prudent to not wear anything revealing or subject to an unwanted “wardrobe malfunction.” Dresses and skirts that are too short can also be a distraction for you and your partner.  
  • Dance shoes are not an accessory; they are essential equipment just like football cleats or figure skates. They must be made of materials specific to their purpose. Ballroom dance shoes don’t have to have high heels, but they must have suede soles for safe, easy movement through twists and rapid turns.  
  • Shoes must be secure to prevent balance issues thus preventing injury therefore avoid wearing slip-ons, flip-flops, or any shoe that does not fit snugly and comfortably.   
  • Accessories are beautiful but not when assembling your ballroom dancewear attire. Avoid wearing chunky jewelry, especially long necklaces and bracelets that can catch on your clothing, or worse, your partner’s clothing.  
  • Men should follow similar guidelines for their ballroom dance class attire. Their attire should include short or long-sleeve button-up shirts, layering pieces like vests, and pants that allow for comfortable, unrestricted movement.  
  • We have all had to include COVID-19 protocols in our daily lives as well as in our ballroom dance classes. Ballroom face masks can definitely be included as acceptable and welcome accessories as we try to keep everyone healthy and safe.       

Ballroom Dancewear at Dance America 

We are committed to offering all our dancers from the littlest beginners to competition-level professionals, the very best in top-of-the-line women’s and men’s dancewear including high-quality shoes from Ray Rose, Dancefeel, and Supadance 

Our women’s ballroom dancewear includes leotards and dance trunks in an array of bright, energetic colors. These are excellent choices for dancers who want to start with some basic pieces upon which ensembles can be built. Dance America also carries extensive selections of skirts and dresses ranging from flouncy florals to elegant lace. And if you really want to add some serious pizazz to your ballroom dancewear our dresses with tiers of elasticized fringe can’t be beat when zipping around a dance floor! 

And gentlemen- you are always at the top of our minds when we assemble the latest in dancewear attire for you. Ballroom shirts, both buttoned and pullover, as well as tunics and kimono styles, are sure to make a statement as you move across the dance floor with your partner. Additionally, your shoes are as important as the ladies’ shoes and Dance America is the perfect place to shop for high-gloss and matte-finish leather shoes made with suede soles. Created with comfort and flexibility, our men’s dance shoes complete any ballroom dancewear ensemble.  

You are about to embark on a great adventure and your ballroom dance class attire should reflect the artistry and athleticism of each dance step you take. As you step onto the dance floor with your partner and an expert teacher to guide you, Dance America wants to be your resource for all your ballroom dance class attire.   

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