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If you do a market survey, then you will find that there are many varieties of fences in Adelaide. People pick one that suits their needs and pocket. Yes, the price of the fence is a prime criterion because the fence covers a large area and even a minor change in the per-meter cost can also make a  huge difference in the overall payout.

When some fences are cheaper than others and it is vital to figure out what price point matches the quality of the fence that you’re searching for, then a comparative study is a must.

Once you get all fencing costs and you make a chart to check their qualities versus the price, you are in a strong position to choose the most suitable fence.

Remember, you should not be checking the cost only. It is equally essential to check the quality, performance, and durability of it as well.

A fence is not something that you will be replacing every year. It is a daunting task to install the fence and you would like to avail the services for a few years. Nowadays, tubular fencing  in Adelaide is also becoming popular.

Let’s talk about the fences in detail to understand their costs.

4 best type of fencing

1. Wooden picket fence

This is the cheapest fence. It is because pickets are less expensive. The length of the pickets will be three feet. So, you have to use more number of pickets if you want the height of the fence more. Also, this fence needs more maintenance. Therefore, you should keep the cost of painting and sealing in mind while considering the cost.

You can install gates in Adelaide if you have a wooden picket fence, but they need to be fixed well.

2. Chain link fence

Chain link is the next least expensive fence, but the aesthetics of this fence is not very good. Therefore, people do not prefer it much. However, they do not need much maintenance. You have to just take care of rust and discoloration. They are more expensive than picket fences.

3. Vinyl fence

These fences look great initially but lose their charm after a few years. Due to the elements, vinyl does not retain the finish and structure. Also, you cannot paint the fence. They are cheaper fences.

4. Wrought iron

Finally, wrought iron is the most expensive fence. They are very common in restoration projects around older homes. If they are maintained well. Iron fences will give the longest service.

Thus, they compensate for higher cost.

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