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Before we continue with information about Dentistry tools and equipment and the like, we start by defining the term Dentistry. According to the Merriam Webster's Dictionary, Dentistry is the art or profession of a dentist. More into that, according to Wikipedia, it is the branch of medicine with which involves study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity (the teeth), maxillofacial area (the area around your teeth, face, jaw, etc.) and the adjacent and associated structures and their impact on the human body.

Before modern dental instruments were used, the tools used in dentistry were effective and reliable, some to mention are bow drills instead of modern dental drills, and a few more that often seem like torture devices, which lead us to the extraction or pulling of the tooth, which was very painful before, since there was no effective way of relieving the patient of the pain.

Nowadays, here are the often-used Burnisher dental instrument by dentists:

Mirror. The mirrors are a major part of dentistry; this gives your dentist a mirror image of the parts of the mouth that he or she finds difficult or impossible to view. And even used to reflect light to parts in the oral area that is dark, and even improve their access and vision to various parts of the oral cavity.

Probes. No, these probes aren't tiny electronic devices made by aliens. These probes are those steel, pointed tools that look like sickles, these probes are used to determine whether you have tooth decay. The types of probes are the Dental Explorer (or the sickle probe), the Periodontal Probe, and the Straight probe. Among these, the most commonly used is the Dental Explorer.

Anesthesia. Often used with a dental syringe, these are used to kill pain while in Dental surgery instruments.

Dental Drills. These are used to drill through dental cavity, when a bur is attached to it, that needs to be filled and even reshape teeth. Types of dental drills are: High speed air driven (airotor), slow speed, friction grip, and surgical hand piece.

Burs. Burs are pieces attached to dental drills for them to work as for drilling dental cavity. These burs have different types, some are the Flat fissure, pear-shaped, football, round, tapered; flame, chamfer, bevel, end cut, bud bur, steel, inverted cone, diamond, brown stone, and green stone.



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