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What types of Biryani should I try as a food lover?

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Hyderabadi Biryani (Andhra Pradesh): It is one of the most popular dishes in South India. For many cooks and home chefs, this dish from Mughlai cuisine is a real challenge to achieve, and everyone has their own way of flavoring it. The use of saffron and coconut stands out. 

Dindigul Biryani (Tamil Nadu): This is a favorite in Chennai with many dedicated outlets serving only Dindigul biryani. The rice used is jeera samba rice which is very different from basmati rice, roast masala gives it a whole new flavor. The biryani also uses chunks of cubed mutton chicken instead of large chunks and uses the best chicken biryani masala. In addition to the usual masala, a lot of pepper is used. 

Ambur Biryani (Tamil Nadu): Ambur biryani is hard to miss if you are in Tamil Nadu. a trip to the sleepy town of Ambur and the first thing that will strike you are the countless biryani stalls that dot the Chennai-Bengaluru highway. There's optional chicken, mutton, beef, roast masala, and shrimp, with the mint and cilantro flavor standing out with the best chicken biryani masala

The highlight of this biryani is that the chefs dip the meat in the curd before adding it to the rice, which gives the dish a unique flavor. You can enjoy it with onion raita and eggplant sauce.

Lucknowi Biryani (Uttar Pradesh): Based on the Persian cooking style, Lucknowi biryani is made using a completely different method known as dumpukht. As is the norm with most Persian formats, the meat and sauce are partially cooked and then layered on top of each other like a dumpukht. Served in a sealed handi, Lucknowi's biryani is light on the stomach because it is low in spices.  

Bhatkali Biryani (Coastal Karnataka): Although low in spice, the Bhatkali biryani has just the right amount of flavor. This particular style comes from the Nawayath community of Bhatkal on the Karnataka coast. 

They use lots of onions, green peppers in their cooking style, even in layered format. Unlike Ambur biryani, where mutton pieces are dipped in curd, Bhatkali biryani chefs prepare mutton chicken pieces in curd, roast masala and it is the least spicy biryani. prepared using a completely different method known as dumpukht. As is normal with most Persian formats, the meat and sauce are partially cooked and then layered like a dumpukht. 

Kolkata Biryani (Western Bengal): Kolkata Biryani has its roots in the style of Lucknow Nawabi Biryani.Bombay Biryani (Maharashtra) Maharashtra: Potatoes make  Bombay Biryani more delicious in taste. Whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian biryani, use the Bambay Biryani Masala,  potato is a staple. The preparation uses a layered method, in which semi-cooked and cooked basmati rice is placed on the dum style biryani with the best chicken biryani masala.



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