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What Would Be The Pros And Difficulties Of Mounting Your TV On The Wall

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If you recently purchased a flat-screen TV or already own one that is taking up precious floor space, you may want to consider mounting it to the wall with CM Electrical's TV wall mounting service.

TVs nowadays are slimmer and lighter than ever and virtually all of them feature standardized mounting holes called VESA patterns that ensure compatibility with most TV mounts. Taking advantage of these pre-established TV wall mounting holes is a safe and easy way to get more out of your TV.

Pros of TV wall mounting:

It can save you a lot of space:

By mounting your TV to the wall, you gain a sizeable amount of floor space that would otherwise be taken up by a TV stand or media cabinet. This gives your entertainment area a cleaner, less messy atmosphere, and is especially beneficial for people living in small apartments, condos, and tiny homes.

Increases the safety of young ones:

Today’s TVs are more at risk of tipping over and having them unsecured can pose a risk to children and pets. Toddlers who are familiar with playing with smartphones and tablets are especially a concern, as they may think that a TV is a touchscreen and naturally try to grab and swipe it. Having your TV mounted on the wall will give you peace of mind by keeping your TV out of the arm’s reach of children and eliminating any dangers of it falling over.

Better viewing angles:

To really get the most out of your TV, you’ll want to ensure it is visible from multiple viewing angles. To achieve this, use a full-motion TV mount to give you the freedom and flexibility to position your TV anywhere you want it. With the extension, swivel, and tilt capabilities, a full-motion mount will help to reduce glare, improve line-of-sight, and even give you the ability to watch TV from other rooms.

Difficulties you may have while TV wall mounting:

Type of wall:

This is really dependent on your home, and the type of wall you wish to mount the TV on. If you want to mount your TV on a plaster wall, it’s important to make sure the bracket is on a solid fixing. This means finding a stud or solid timber in the wall, otherwise, you’ll end up with a floor-mounted TV. On the other hand, if you want your TV on a brick wall it will be much stronger, but it can be much harder to run the TV cables through the wall. There are alternative options available that are best discussed with your installer prior to starting the job.

Nearby chimneys:

Another thing to consider is nearby chimneys, which can also make cable access more difficult. For TVs mounted above a chimney, the heat from the fireplace may also have an impact. It is worth considering the height of the screen when mounted above a shelf/fireplace, as this can affect the viewing angle.

Wi-Fi interference:

Wall mounting of Smart TVs can also affect the reliability of the Wi-Fi signal received by the TV. This is because the TV is so close to a wall, which can cause interference with the signal especially if your TV is far away from your router.

These TV mounting pros and complications show that spending a bit of time and effort onTV wall mountingis an easy way to enhance the appearance of your entertainment area, while also improving the safety and functionality of your TV.


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