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Subletting is a process through which an individual renting an apartment chooses to rent out a part or whole of the available space to another person. There are many landlords who prohibit this practice strictly and mention it in the sublet rental agreement. Others are okay with subletting even though they may implement some restrictions. The renters must always ask for consent from their landlord when they are looking to sublease an apartment. Such consent usually depends on numerous factors and conditions, such as the financial position of the proposed subtenant and the plans they have when it comes to working with the sublet area. Please visit this site to get a sample rental contract template.   

Things to remember about a lease and sublease

In order to make sure that there are no hassles between you and your landlord, you should have the details about subletting your apartment sorted out from the very beginning. You must have consent for subleasing the apartment before you go through the process in the form of written sublease agreement. It is important that you understand the difference between lease and sublease. A lease is an agreement between the landlord and tenant, whereas the sublease is mainly between a tenant and subtenant. As a tenant, you are bound to make timely payments to your landlord even if your subtenant is not able to do so. As a tenant you are also liable for any damages to the property that is caused by the subtenant. Hence you must be sure from the very beginning that the subtenant you choose for your leased apartment is absolutely reliable. 

Finding a rental lease agreement for subletting your apartment 

Once you have decided to set up a rental lease agreement, you should definitely focus on getting a sublet rental agreement form in order to resolve the ambiguities of the contract. A leading online website offering legal forms will be able to help you in that. 

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