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What You Need to Know About HID Proximity Card Technology

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Smart cards or HID access cards are plastic ID cards just like the size of your driver's license or credit card. The thickness of an HID access card may vary depending on whether it has an embedded integrated circuit like a microchip, magnetic stripe or bar code. There is stored data within that makes it more than a typical company ID. Although it is used for identification purposes, HID cards can be used for access control and even for time-keeping functions. Reorder HID Prox Cards

An HID proximity card works together with a card reader, control panel and your computer system. By swiping the card through the reader, a code is extracted from it, which is sent to the computer for processing. The code is a unique sequence of numbers and must match the authorization information stored in the computer system. If it has the right authorization, a signal is sent to the control panel, which then opens the door allowing entrance to the holder of the card. With no authorization, the door remains inaccessible. This ID card system has been in placed in most businesses that need extra levels of security like military facilities.

The use of an access card or HID proximity card is also common in software companies. This will help safeguard the numerous computer programs they are developing. Computer security is important to reduce the risk of sabotage or theft. Logging on in the computer network would require the use of a proximity card. Employees likewise can only edit, copy or print data if they have the right authorization after swiping the card. Management can use this ID card system to restrict access to certain computer data as well as track or monitor the activities of those who are logged on in the network. HID Prox Cards Reordering

This ID card system is also widely used in hospitals and other health care facilities. An HID access card can restrict unauthorized personnel from the operating room, pharmacy and other highly sensitive areas. This way not anyone can just get access to medicines preventing theft and tampering of drugs. This can also help reduce the risks of endangering patients who are under their care. The use of access cards can also limit the access of confidential records of patients to a select few thereby safeguarding the patient's right to privacy. Research facilities and pharmaceutical companies are also taking advantage of the benefits derived from using HID cards.

Proximity or access cards are not only for big companies. Setting the system up maybe quite expensive but the technology is also available to small and medium-size companies. Portable printers with advanced features are affordable making it easier for smaller businesses and organization to enjoy the benefits that this system provides. With the right kind of printer and software, you can make your own HID access card and not depend on printing companies for this need. You can get great savings thereby reducing the cost of installing this type of ID card system. With all the advantages it can bring your company, this is certainly an investment worth taking on.

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