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Why rent a Tablet PC or iPad for your next meeting or event? There are many reasons, but one of the most compelling reasons to consider this whiteboard technology is that it is environmentally friendly, reduces costs, and saves resources.

Today's blog will focus on energy use and paper reduction; This is where meeting and event planners can see immediate improvements as a result of the adoption of Tablet PC or iPad technology. Get more information here about this article.

Use of energy

Traditionally, meeting attendees and planners bring their laptops to events. The problem with laptops is:

They require you to be seated on a table or hard surface to ensure stability.
They can weigh up to 7 or 8 pounds.
They create a barrier to conversation due to the screen.
Battery life is limited to 5 hours, so make sure you are near an electrical outlet.
Many are not energy efficient, up to 45 watts of power and
Most likely, you won't be able to walk, stand, and navigate apps on a laptop
Now, think about the benefits if you rent Tablet PCs or rent iPads:

They can be used standing, sitting or walking.
They weigh as little as 1 pound.
Information about meetings and trade shows can be downloaded to the rental unit
No barriers because you can carry it like a paper notebook.
Battery life can be up to 10 hours, so recharging is overnight.
The latest iPads and Tablet PCs have EnergyStar ratings and use about 15 watts of power.
Reducing the use of paper

Tablet PCs are suitable for reducing all types of paper, including taking notes, reading documents, filling in registration forms and surveys or other reports.

Architectural design firm BCRA adopted the iPad to lessen its impact on the environment and lower printing costs. The company uses iPads to display presentations, designs, and maps to its clients. The iPad has reduced your need for paper by 41 pounds per month, which is more than $ 1,500 per month in printing and paper savings.

By the end of 2011, the firm estimates that printed brochures will be reduced by 80%, since those brochures and video screens will be on the iPad. According to BCRA officials, the estimated savings for the year will be more than $ 15,000 in printing and paper costs.

Bottom line

Looking at rentals for interactive technology tools, such as Tablet PCs and iPads, makes sense for any event planner. However, this requires looking at the big picture, including energy production, paper, printing, photocopying, your time and the time of your staff, and green initiatives within your organization and that of your customer.



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