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Microchannel is a type of coil which is used as a medium to transfer heat. These can be identified as flat tubes which have fins in-between them in the shape of waves. Today, microchannel condensers are commonly used in almost every automotive industry, radiators, and automotive air cooled condensers. 

In recent years, coil technology has increasingly shifted the focus on microchannels in a way to improve thermal performance, corrosion resistance, and reduce refrigerant charge. 

These coils are all made with aluminum and contain small (micro) channels which help the refrigerant to flow. Generally, these are in heavy demand due to their superior heat transfer property. Their heat transfer trait allows surface contact between the metal and refrigerant. Moreover, they have smaller refrigerants and are light in weight. 

These condensers are complex and mechanical. However, due to their increased performance, they help in transferring maximum heat through refrigerants efficiently. With the upgradation of electronic items, we now see automotive AC in every home. Such AC is fitted with an air-cooled condenser and delivers high performance. While buying an AC, look for reliable air cooled condenser manufacturers in India. 

Before that, one should be aware of some key aspects of microchannel condensers to determine their working power. 

Corrosion Protected

Aluminum microchannel condensers have significantly good corrosion protection as compared to copper condensers. These coils do not have any dissimilar metals to produce corrosion. Moreover, they act as a better solution for any coastal installations, automotive industry, and AC. If corrosion is your concern, always buy aluminum plated coils that provide long-lasting quality performance. 

Heat Transfer Performance

Flat tubes inside the condensers allow higher heat transfer performance. They help in maximizing the microchannels and airside heat transfer which then maximizes the refrigerant side heat transfer through tiny channels. Additionally, the metallurgical fin-tube bond also enhances the surface contact and heat transfer area which improves the overall heat transfer performance. Therefore, air cooled condenser manufacturers provide a reliable source of heat transfer system which gives better performance. 

Durability and Prevention of Leaks

Microchannel condensers require one braze operation which likely reduces the risks for leads. Moreover, the flat tubes inside the condenser act as a fin guard to protect from any damage. When it comes to the durability of condensers, you can be assured of their resistance power. They have stronger aluminum tubes that protect the AC or any radiator from damage. 

Ease of Repair and Service

Our condenser prices in India are affordable as these are now commonly used in vehicles and ACs. They can be easily cleaned or repaired because the coil is designed with less thickness. Thus, it allows the removal of any debris in the coil conveniently. Also, due to the durable coils, they can be cleaned using a pressure washing which is generally not allowed in another type of coils. Moreover, in case of coil leaks, these are also repaired smoothly by following a simple process. You can always call a repair service who is well aware of the process to clean the coils. They have special tools such as cleaning solutions, hot air guns, vacuum pumps, etc., to remove the debris or leakage from the coils. 

Refrigerant Charge

Narain Cooling is one of the heat exchanger manufacturers that have a small refrigerant charge. Due to their smaller volume of condensers, they provide an environmentally friendly solution that saves electricity and provides top-notch performance. Moreover, they reduce the impact of ozone layer depletion and global warming by sustaining the use of energy and decreasing the reflection of heat energy. 

So, it is always beneficial to be aware of certain useful things about microchannel condensers to ensure their safety, sustainability, and maintenance. 


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