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HRIs signage just a matter of showcasing your brand name?

Perhaps NO!

It has much to say for visitor's experience, your first impression and indirectly driving sales.

Signs can really contribute to your business, at the same time it can also be of no use, if you are not working in simultaneous consultation with an expert signage company.

Signage can assist in leveraging the expertise of your company. Stay alert when the signage company designs a one for you.

Here are the mistakes you should take care of while your stores' signage comes into existence.

1. It's OK to know less about signage.

It's very natural for one to have less knowledge on signage designing. After all you are a retail expert, not a signage master.

Experience speaks all. If you are about to bestow the responsibility of creating signage to a professional company then always do a prior research in the market and make queries regarding the company's rich experience, trust-worthiness, its creative part, their availability when your signage creation is in progress.

2. Pay attention to your sign's font.

With flourishing career in designing, these days the market is full of next-gen designers whose eyesight is sharp. But, it's doubtful to have all customers with a bright vision.

Isn't it? To avoid making signs that are difficult to read, ask them to increase the font size.

Also the font style has to go in sync with your store's brand image. It has to be complementary.

The signage, if placed in 90 degree angle has a chance of less readability. You can tilt it to 45 degree for a clear vision.

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3. Reuse is always not a good option.

Reuse can save your money but it can take away your due efforts as well.

Signage is something that pulls the visitor's interest first, so it should always look fresh and up to the minute.

Do you really find your sign to be reusable?

Do not use dates on your creative signage! If it happens that you have thought of extending a discount or promotion which might not start on the day mentioned on the signage.

What next Technology? A completely embarrassing situation for you and your customers.

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4. Do not fail to mention your website on your signs.

With the world going digital, people these days prefer to search out anything and everything on the web.

Hence, try to incorporate the website URL or else you can even go for a QR code. Smart devices are able to scan your QR code.

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5. Make your customer's waiting time interesting.

To wait in the queue is truly a big challenge. And if more than 10 people are standing in front of you then it's really tough to hold their interest, indeed for the next visit! So, what to do in this case?

Well, your signage can even play on here as a trick to distract customers while they wait.

Tip: Waiting Queue – use this weakness as an opportunity place to utilize your QR Codes.

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6. Get the price strategy ready first.

Keep yourself one step ahead in the market by doing a bit of research on the budget part for your sign.

It comes under your advertising strategy which even has other segments to prioritize. So investing huge amount on a single segment (signage) is not a wise idea.

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You can go for digital signage for your retail outlet as well. That's economical and fetches attention too.

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