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If you want to work as a PCO driver, one of the major considerations should be the car you use for work. Getting the wrong car can be a costly move, especially if you’re not using a rental. One of the reasons why people opt for rental cars is that you can switch to another option if you have issues with a particular model. Focus on these aspects to ensure you’re making the right choice:

Lots of Space

A PCO car should be able to fit around 4 passengers comfortably. They shouldn’t have to cramp up and have enough legroom to enjoy a comfortable ride. You will be travelling to Heathrow in PCO cars, and other airports will be on your list as well as London has 6 of them. Many of your passengers will bring in numerous briefcases and other luggage. For this reason, you need ample cargo space.

Many newer cars focus on minimalism to provide extra space in the vehicle. Some cars, like the Nissan Leaf, have adjustable seats to give extra space for luggage and other items.

Fuel Economy

PCO cars in Leyton must provide great fuel economy. Fuel can get pretty costly and potentially impact profitability for PCO drivers. Petrol and diesel are fairly expensive, which is why it’s more important than ever to buy or rent a car that promises better mile age.

A PCO car hire with limited fuel consumption drives up to 40 miles per litre and will be suitable if you’re driving a petrol car. This number can vary depending on various aspects like traffic, the car’s condition, and more.

The Drive

Most modern cars focus on providing a smooth drive. The top-of-the-line variants of vehicles have extra elements to them that turn the experience to 11, making them a must-have option for PCO drivers. As you’re out on the road all day, it can get fairly annoying if you feel every bump on the road.

The suspension should be a primary focus area. It should be able to handle the bumps and potholes that are common on London roads. When you’re looking to stop and go, the turning circle and brakes should offer good response, in general, to navigate through all the forks in the road. Similarly, the car should accelerate smoothly and help you get around more quickly.

Premium Interior

Beyond a certain tier of vehicles, the interior becomes a huge consideration as car manufacturers vary in their approach and attention to detail. From the choice of materials to the various extra installations, there’s a large combination of factors that make one make and model more desirable than another. You should do your due diligence to compare the various options available for PCO car hire in Whitechapel.

Before you buy or rent a PCO car, you should try the car out for yourself once or get it for a short-term rental if the company allows you to.

Safety Features

Modern cars have to pay extra attention to safety. Thousands of people in the UK lose their lives in road accidents, which makes it necessary that cars focus on additional safety features. While airbags and seatbelts have become commonplace, other relevant safety features include:

Many cars also go through safety tests like the Euro NCAP, which ranks every car that goes through testing in a five-star rating system.

Infotainment Setup

While not a core feature, newer cars come with infotainment setups by default. These include screens on the front with software compatibility for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Some cars have their own operating systems depending on the manufacturer. They’re better than your phone for navigation, but you can use them to keep an eye out for necessary information. For entertainment purposes, they’re a central hub for controlling various media.

Your customer might want to listen to some music during their trip, which you can play using the infotainment system. You can allow your passengers to connect with the infotainment system using their phone with your PCO car hire in Barking.

Electric Charging

Ideally, you should opt for an EV instead of a petrol or diesel car as the rates for fuel only continue to rise. Because of this, hybrids and EVs are in high demand among PCO drivers. You have incentives from TfL and Uber for charging using a home charger, as they pay for the installation costs to a certain extent. This can cost you as low as £5.60 for a 188-mile charge. You’ll pay around £25 for petrol or diesel for the same amount. For each mile, it’s 3p vs 12p.

Generally, you pay more for public chargers. At £6-7, you can get a 100-mile charge on your PCO car from a public charger with faster charging.

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