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Watches are a convenient and practical way to keep track of time without checking your smartphone and risking becoming distracted by countless notifications. They can also be a stylish accessory that pairs perfectly with the most formal attire or casual clothes. They are even a means of self-expression. Watches are all that and more to people because the truth is—you can find a watch that reflects your personality. Once you make that choice, the only question is—what does your favorite watch style say about you?

Quirky Vintage Sensibility—Retro Digital Watch

A retro digital watch is as fun and distinctive as the person wearing it. Whether it’s a reminder of your favorite watch from decades back or just a nostalgic appreciation for a bygone era, the watch and wearer are likely to bring a smile. That quirky retro vibe is brought up to speed by the practicality of modern digital watch design. It’s all the style you want, with all the innovation you need for a reliable watch.

Bold and Striking—Sophisticated Black Watches

The best watch brands carry a variety of mens black watches. You can find plenty of retro digital watches next to refined dress watches and even the most rugged black sports watches. One thing every black watch has in common is a bold, striking, and sophisticated design that matches nearly any outfit you might wear.

Chic Elegance—Radiant Gold Watches

There are some iconic watch categories that everyone can recognize at a glance. For instance, a silver analog watch for men with a fashionable leather or stainless band is a favorite across the world. Similarly, there is the chic icon of stylish elegance: a gold watch for women. It’s a versatile accessory that’s a must-have feature of any woman’s wardrobe. You can wear it for a day at the office or to weekend brunch—it will always stand out.

Classic and Classy—Timeless Men’s Dress Watches

From moguls and businessmen to actors and celebrities, the men’s dress watch is a timeless classic. In fact, an analog watch for men or women is likely to be a classy addition to any look. As a traditional with a watch face you can recognize in an instant, an analog dress watch simply guarantees a touch of class you can’t beat. The best part about a dress watch? No matter how sleek and sophisticated it is, it looks just as good with a suit and tie as it does with jeans and a t-shirt.

Courageous—Inclusive Pride Watches

In addition to showing the world who you are, your watch can also help you share what you care most about. Celebrating equality, inclusivity, and love with a Pride watch is a courageous and empathetic symbol of your support for all people. The more acceptance, respect, and love we put out into the world, the more of it there is for all of us. And everyone can continue to express themselves with a watch that matches their style.

About Armitron®

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