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Trips to the driving range can be as irritating and agitating as they can be enjoyable and relaxing.

This is especially true when you’re trying out a new outfit and just can’t seem to get performance dialed in. Golf shot errors have been the bane of more than one golfer before they became a headache to you.

And more than one golfer has triumphed over badly measured golf shafts and poor posture.

Before you blame your gear and start looking for new golf clubs and shafts for sale, consider the following tips to cure these basic shot errors.

Slices, in which the ball trajectory starts off sliding to the left of the target before “slicing” dramatically to the right, are among the most common shot errors.

The most common cause of a slice is an open club face, which is often caused by the club coming “from the outside in.”

A weak grip is a common cause of an open clubface. Shifting your grip so that your hands are away from the target can help cause the clubface to contact the ball in a more “closed” position – helping to eliminate slices.

A hook, though probably less common than a slice, is still a common error. It is the opposite of a slice, where the ball starts sliding out to the right but then hooks in and over to the left.

Hooks are caused by the exact opposite conditions that cause slices. Namely, they are caused by a grip that is too rigid, or too strong.

Loosening your grip and rotating your hands so that they are facing more toward the target can help fix this issue.

Fat Shots
A fat shot occurs when the club head hits the ground too far in front of the ball – or when using a driver, when it hits the ground at all.

This is a problem because it will rob the ball of range, can send it on a trajectory that is too high, and most importantly, because it can badly damage your golf shafts.

Fat shots occur when the arc of the swing bottoms out too early. Readjusting your position and changing your stance can help eliminate fat shots.

Topped Shots
A topped shot is the opposite of a fat shot, in which the club hits the top of the ball, over the sweet spot. This will create a low trajectory and compromised range.

This occurs when the swing arc bottoms out too late. You could be too far from the tee or your shaft could be too short; readdress your setup and posture and go from there.

Sky Shots
A sky shot occurs when the top edge of the club face strikes the ball, rather than the sweet spot, sending it shooting straight up in the air.

This occurs when the swing arc is too low, similar to but not as drastic as a fat shot. The same issues apply, though; your form may be bad or your shaft may be too long.

Is It Time for Me to Look at New Golf Club Shafts for Sale?
With all of these conditions applied, it may still be the case that your equipment is to blame. Always address grip, stance, and swing form first – but if issues persist, consider looking for new clubs or golf clubs or shafts for sale.

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