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What’s More to Kedarkantha than being a ‘Trek’

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Situated at the height of 12,500 ft, the Kedarkantha undoubtedly is one of the best treks in India. The accessibility of the trek encourages even beginners make an attempt to conquer it. Along with it the scenic beauty of the location attracts everybody towards it.

But Kedarkantha has a lot to offer than its beauty and thrill of trekking. This blog will introduce you to the nuanced perspective of going on a Kedarkantha trek and why you shouldn’t limit it just to be called a mere ‘trek’.

Escaping the Ordinary Life

College is important and so is to have employment. They definitely are necessary for living but living the same routine makes life monotonous and we find ourselves putting less energy into the work. In this scenario, A Kedarkantha trek can be your escape from the monotony of life. The snow-capped mountains and the fragrance of trees in the air can uplift your mood to ten folds. This impact lasts not only during the trek but you’ll see  a tremendous boost in the energy you’ll be putting in daily life.

Making Friends

In the times when everything has shifted online, from our education to work-life to even weddings and relationships, it is often difficult to socialize with people. Believe us going there are more chances that you’ll find the love of your life on a trip than any dating app. Plus you already have a lot of things common such as love for mountains.

Offline time

We’re already jam-packed with screens in our lives that we often struggle to find some time off-screen. Going on a Kedarkantha trip can give you the necessary time because you anyway don’t have a choice. There isn’t a proper mobile network due to it being situated at such a high altitude. It means no more constant beeps of notifications and just spending quality time in the arms of the most magnificent mountains.


Take this as a time to connect with nature while also exploring your inner-self. So don’t hesitate and book your Kedarkantha package because you really need this therapeutic healing time in the mountains. So, get ready to immerse yourself in this sacred landscape on a pilgrimage to one of the most treasured mountains in India.



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