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Beer is the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverage, and the third most popular drink in the world – after water and tea, that is. With so many beer drinkers around there are many different types and brands of beer, especially mass-produced brands.

In recent times however, a new type of beer has come to the forefront of the beer industry and taken the world by storm. This beer is increasingly becoming very popular among beer lovers around the globe.

This hot new favourite is Craft Beer! Craft Beer is a very flavourful, rich beer that has ticked the tastebuds of beer drinkers in the UK and everywhere else. It has diverse flavours, and more and more people are experimenting with this new beer. Craft Beer brewing is an artform, which is why it is generally termed as Artisan Beer, because of the uniqueness of the recipes used to brew it. In addition, these breweries use methods that are traditional, like fermenting the beer for a second time, to bring out its unique taste, colour and aroma.

So how does Craft Beer in London, differ from other, mass-produced beers? Here’s how.

  • Appearance – In general beer has a yellowish or brown colour, and keeping two glasses of two different brands of regular beer together, you won’t be able to distinguish one from the other. Not so when it comes to Craft Beer. Craft Beer comes in a range of hues from gold to copper to brown and black, and you will definitely be able to tell them apart just by looking at them.
  • Taste – All beer tastes the same right? Right! Well, actually you are wrong. All ‘mass-produced’ beer, unfortunately, tastes the same, but with Craft Beer, you can expect your tastebuds to go wild with hints of coffee, fruits, floral hops, as well as chocolate and caramel. It is an adventure of tastes and flavours, which is Craft Beer in London has become so popular. Each brew, batch and brand will taste different because these artisans of Craft Beer only use hand-picked ingredients for their brews, and they use their own unique recipes which they continue to improve on.
  • Production – Craft brewers put a lot of thought and love into their work, and it would be only right to say that they really do have a passion for what they do. This is why Craft Beer is so different and unique when it comes to flavour and appearance. The ingredients are hand-picked, brewing methods are traditional, plus they produce their beer in small quantities, placing more emphasis on quality rather than quantity, by dedicating more time to the brewing process.
  • The Craft Beer experience – With mass-produced beers, you have no personalised experience with the manufacturers, but when it comes to Craft Beer, it is produced locally, most likely by people you see and meet every day, and you can even visit the small breweries and get a personalised experience with them.
  • Food – Similar to food pairing for wine, Craft Beer is the ideal drink to pair with different types of food, owing to its expanse of flavours, to create the ultimate dining experience, which is something you just can’t achieve with mass-produced beers.
  • Giving back to the community – While profits earned by big beer corporations are simply shared among the top executives of the company, Craft Beer breweries put the money they earn back into their business, as they are very small family-owned establishments. Hence, when you buy a Craft Beer you are actually giving back to your local community.

There is no doubt that Craft Beer will soon takeover from mass-produced beers, with the only downside being that they may not be available at every store and pub you go to, due to their limited production.

However now there is a solution to that as well. Owing to the growing popularity of Craft Beer in London, there are certain companies that provide delivery service for Craft Beer when you search for Craft Beer near me.

Craft Beer is certainly an Artisan Beer, that is extremely flavourful, aromatic and appearing in a variation of textures and colours that have got many people very interested in this new type of beer that is sweeping the world.


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