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What’s the Difference Between Normal Coffee and Drip Filter Coffee?

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Coffee is among the most widely consumed beverages in the world. It gives people energy while providing many health benefits owing to antioxidants and minerals like vitamins B3 and B2. As an avid coffee drinker, you’ll encounter options like the best drip filter coffee and the regular type. Knowing their similarities and differences can help you determine which is convenient to prepare and enjoy at certain moments.

What’s the main difference?

Drip filter coffee uses coffee grounds and requires less time to make. “Normal” coffee could mean anything, depending on your perspective. It could be instant coffee or any other type of coffee that takes time to prepare, having different flavours depending on the ingredients and how it’s made, such as Macchiato, latté, mocha, and frappé. It could also be any form of brewed coffee, including black coffee.

What’s so special about drip filter coffee?

Drip coffee is becoming popular with coffee lovers in NZ who are constantly on the go because it is easier and quicker to make. It is made by placing coarsely ground coffee beans in a paper filter and pouring water into it. When your cup is full, you can dispose of the filter and the used grounds, requiring minimal clean-up.

Not a tea bag!

The best drip filter coffee is convenient to make. It comes in individual packs, making it convenient to carry anywhere, especially when camping, fishing, hiking, or on any outdoor adventure. Of course, you can also take it to your office, enjoy it at home, or anywhere you want some freshly brewed coffee to perk you up.

Drip coffee in NZ may resemble a teabag, but it’s not. You don't steep it in water. 

To make drip filter coffee, open the packaging, rip open the paper filter, fit it onto your favourite mug, and fill it with water until fully drained. Keep refilling with water up to three times or till your mug is full. Ensure the drip bag is not sitting in water, so the water can flow through the filter and allow the coffee to brew. When finished, take out the filter for disposal.

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