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As you age, you lose some of the strength and flexibility you had in your youth. You can stay in shape, but as you age, you will naturally lose some of the abilities of your younger years.

Fortunately, though there’s nothing we can do to absolutely reverse aging, there is equipment we can use that complements our natural abilities – even as they change.

One of these is the adoption of senior shaft golf clubs. But what’s the difference between these and regular golf shafts?

Here’s what you should know, broken down.

It’s About Swing Speed (and Clubhead Speed)
As you age and lose some of your former strength, the impacts will be felt in your swing speed. Most seniors (not all, but most) simply can’t swing as hard or as fast as when they were younger. Senior golfers usually have slow swing speeds.

This has a ripple effect; the slower the swing speed, the slower the club head speed. And, the slower the club head speed – well, you know, that is one of the primary determinants of ball flight and shot range.

Moreover, straining harder to achieve faster swing speeds is likely to have a negative impact on your form, too, which can exacerbate other issues with your golf swing.

All in all, it’s an uphill battle against the loss of strength that causes slower swing speed in the first place. Fortunately, senior shaft golf clubs can help.

It All (Mostly) Comes Down to Shaft Flex
Golf club manufacturers know they can’t do much to restore the strength of youth. What they can do is produce more flexible golf shafts.

The higher flex rating enables the shaft to load and unload more effectively with energy without requiring any additional inputs from the golfer.

The extra flex also gives the manufacturer a little more ability to tinker with torque and kick point, which can also be manipulated to the benefit of the player.

So, why use them?

Why Use Senior Shaft Golf Clubs?
Switching from regular to senior flex golf shafts, if your swing speed is lagging, can improve your performance on the golf course. It can:

● Help you drive farther

● Control shot dispersion

● Improve shot trajectory and ball flight

● Help you get through the rough more easily

● And stop straining to swing faster

What Are Some Good Options?
There is a wide range of more flexible shafts available that are suitable options for some senior players, who have swing speeds between 70-80 MPH. Some of these are:

● Fujikura Ventus TR Red

● Fujikura Ventus TR Blue

● Autoflex Golf Shafts

● Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue

● Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Raw (Senior)

● Mitsubishi C6 Red

Where Can You Learn More About Senior Shaft Golf Clubs?
This is only a sampling of the benefits that senior shaft golf clubs can offer some players, and only a small slice of the many good options out there on the market.

For more information on senior golf shafts, to explore additional options, or to speak with professional club fitters, contact the experts at Dallas Golf Company (or visit them in their retail store). They will help you find what you need!

For more information about Ping Golf Driver Shafts and Mitsubishi Vanquish Shaft Please visit: Dallas Golf Company Inc.


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