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What’s The Difference Between Tree Trimming And Tree Pruning Services?

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Both tree trimming and pruning are important for its healthy growth and overall beauty. If you miss out on any of the services, you and your trees will suffer severely. Chances are that you might lose your beautiful lawn or garden. 

Many homeowners think both services are the same and thus, they choose only one and stay relaxed. But they are different. And you need to know the difference between them so that you hire the right service at the right time. 

In this post, we will discuss the difference between tree pruning and tree trimming services based on different parameters. 

The definition of the services 

The tree trimming services are hired to shape a tree evenly to meet the specific design requirements. Other than this, the services include removing the overgrown branches. For example, many homeowners love trees in pyramid shapes. 

The tree pruning services focus on the health and fruition of trees, unlike tree trimming services that mostly focus on the aesthetic part. It’s a very selective service that completes the structure of the tree and makes sure that the tree is healthy and free of any disease. 

The purpose/objective of the services 

The tree trimming services enhance the aesthetics and improve the appearance of the tree. With appearance comes the healthy growth of trees as well. It means that the tree trimming service providers work with dual objectives: first, aesthetics, and second healthy growth. 

The tree pruning service providers cut the infected or diseased branches of the trees or dead portions of the plants. The objective is to protect the trees from getting completely damaged. When the infected or diseased branches are removed, the other parts of the trees get protected from infections. 

The tools and equipment used for the services 

Though the process of both tree pruning and tree trimming services is the same, the tools used for them are completely different. For tree trimming, the specialists use a trimmer or a clipper. Trimmers and clippers are either electric or gas-powered. If it’s about shrubs, specialists prefer clippers. 

Talking about tree pruning services, the specialists use a shear. Sheers are of two types: one, the hand shears used for removing leaves and buds, and another, the lopping shears for cutting thick branches. 

The frequency and timing of the services 

This is the biggest thing to consider when hiring tree pruning and trimming services. Tree trimming services are recommended twice a year. It depends on how you schedule the two sessions. One session of tree trimming should be after the flowering season. 

The frequency of tree pruning services depends on the blooming cycle of the plant. You should understand this well before hiring the services. The timing defined by experts for tree pruning is during the winter. 

How to choose

The selection between tree pruning and trimming services depends on your requirements. If the branches or other parts of the trees are getting infected, you should hire tree pruning services and if you want to change the appearance of the trees, you should hire tree trimming services. But, you should follow a proper schedule for both the services. 


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