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Business intelligence consulting services aren’t as simple as they used to be, and as more companies enter the BI field, the need for consultants becomes greater and greater. Microsoft Power BI has become popular lately, but what does its future look like? What other tools will be available to us in the coming years? Will there still be an advantage to working with business intelligence consultants, or will these individuals become obsolete in favor of automating our reporting? These are some questions we’ll answer in this article on the future of business intelligence.

Self-service BI

Power BI, which Microsoft introduced as part of its cloud offering in 2015, is a popular self-service BI tool for Excel users. With Power BI, you can integrate with all types of data sources, build dashboards and then publish them to your public profile. The public profiles offer business intelligence consultancy services that allow for collaboration between teams. Businesses that want to roll out their business intelligence consulting services are likely to begin implementing Power BI in 2017.

Data Cognition

Businesses today have a seemingly endless number of data sources to analyze and make sense of—from customer, product, employee, and marketing-related data to company financials and even social media streams. Business intelligence consultants can help companies turn their data into actionable insights that allow organizations to make better decisions and ultimately improve overall business performance.

Natural Language Processing

If you’re interested in what might be on the horizon for business intelligence, it’s important to understand natural language processing (NLP). This relatively new approach is used to identify and make sense of human language. The idea behind NLP is that computers can understand complex statements just as easily as humans can—that way, companies using business intelligence solutions can more easily interpret insights based on human language.

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Prescriptive Analytics

The power bi consulting team focuses primarily on prescriptive analytics, a category of business intelligence that predicts future events. But why do businesses care about predicting their future? The reasons are simple. Businesses want to make more money, reduce costs and stay ahead of competitors—and predictive analytics can help. One common example is inventory planning, where a business might predict how many widgets they’ll need to make next month to fulfill customer demand and keep shelves stocked.

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