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WhatsApp keeps bringing new updates from time to time. Now, after this update, Voice Message can be played at different playback speeds on WhatsApp. This update is for both iPhone users as well as Android users. Let's know about it.

You will be able to play this feature on WhatsApp Web and desktop clients. With this feature, you can increase the playback speed of voice messages up to 1.0X, 1.5X, and 2.0X. As soon as you get a voice message on WhatsApp, you can increase its speed according to your playback speed button.

A new sticker pack, Laugh It Off, has also been released by WhatsApp in this new update. It includes 28 animated stickers. You can select any sticker according to your liking. The Laugh, It Off sticker pack, has been released for both iPhone and Android users.

There is a continuous battle between WhatsApp and the Government of India regarding the new IT rules. WhatsApp recently approached the court regarding the new rules. Regarding the order given by the government to WhatsApp, the social media platform said that it could not do so as it is against its policy. The government had earlier said that fake news could be curbed by tracking the original sender sending the wrong message. India is not the first country to ban WhatsApp. Here is the list of the countries which earlier banned WhatsApp sometimes to promote their apps while sometimes because of the encryption policy of WhatsApp. Is the biggest user base of WhatsApp will not be able to use the App in the future and get a place in the below-mentioned list:


China banned WhatsApp in 2017, and the ban has not been lifted so far. The messaging app was banned because the government wanted to control content here. And all this is the result of WhatsApp's robust encryption code. The report also stated that WhatsApp was also banned in China to promote WeChat.

North Korea

Another country where WhatsApp was banned due to its firm encryption policy. Kim Jong-un's government banned the app forever in 2018. Tell me there's no internet in North Korea. Only foreign and local elite citizens can run wireless internet connections.


UAE does not have permission for WhatsApp video calls and facetime. The ban is not related to WhatsApp's encryption policy here. The ban has been imposed to increase local telecommunications and the country's revenue in UAE.


WhatsApp's encryption policy has also been banned in this country. Syria's government has said that by using end-to-end encryption, the enemy could conspire.


This country recently banned all messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Signal. All of them were banned due to privacy policy. Iran also banned Twitter and Facebook in 2019.

Interesting WhatsApp Facts 

So, it is clear that WhatsApp doesn't want to compromise on the right of privacy, and countries have their reasons. With 390 million users in India, which is the highest user base, the ban will undoubtedly impact the business metrics of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is among the most downloaded messaging app across Android and iOS. The highest user growth is in Russia, with 17 percent, and India on the second number with 16.6, and the same percentage is with France, which makes the messaging app popular worldwide.

Let's talk about the WhatsApp Gender demographic. It is 54.5 percent of male users while 45.5 percent of female users, which clearly indicates its popularity, is among male and female users.

WhatsApp is popular among the 27 percent of internet users aged between 26-35 in America, which shows that youth are using it more in the originating country, and 78 percent of users access the app weekly, while 50 percent uses it daily. The average WhatsApp user spends 38 minutes per day on the app.

It is clear that WhatsApp is still popular and with its new feature and updates people love it, the countries where it is banned doesn't impact the app primarily as the user base is global.

Source :-  https://sofiejohn.wordpress.com/2021/06/14/whatsapps-new-feature-and-countries-where-the-app-is-banned/


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