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you’re reading this, you probably care about your ride as much as we do. At Auto Outlet Parts, we know your wheels are your pride and joy. They’re what set your car apart and make it uniquely yours. That’s why we only sell the highest quality wheel seal and tire shine products that will make your custom rims shine like the day you bought them.
Our premium wheel sealant protects your wheels from brake dust, grime, and environmental damage while giving them a showroom shine that lasts for weeks. You’ve invested serious cash in those rims, so why trust some cheap product from the local auto parts store to protect them? Our sealant is specially formulated to bond strongly to chrome, aluminum, alloy, and steel wheels, leaving behind a durable, high-gloss coating. Rain, snow, mud—nothing sticks to your wheels when you use our wheel seal.
So check out AutoOutletParts.com today to find the perfect wheel sealant for your ride. Your wheels deserve the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Once you see how our products make your rims shine, you’ll never go back to using those run-of-the-mill brands again. Your wheels will thank you.
Wheel Seals: An Essential Part for Your Vehicle's Wheels
When it comes to your vehicle's wheels, wheel seals are an essential component. These seals create an airtight barrier between the wheel and axle, preventing dirt, water, and debris from getting inside while allowing the wheel to spin freely.
If your wheel seals start to wear out or fail, it's important to replace them right away. Faulty seals can allow contaminants into the wheel hub, damaging bearings and other components. They may also cause the wheel to wobble or make noise while driving. To check your wheel seals, jack up each wheel and spin it – if you notice any grinding, squealing or roughness, it's time for new seals.
You have a few options when it comes to wheel seal replacements. OEM seals will match your vehicle exactly but tend to cost more. Aftermarket brands like Timken or National also offer high quality seals for most vehicles at lower prices. For the best performance, choose seals made of nitrile rubber or polyurethane, which stand up well to weather and heat.
Replacing your own wheel seals is definitely doable for DIYers with some mechanical experience. You'll need a seal removal tool, hammer, and the proper size socket to remove your wheels. Be very careful not to damage the wheel hub or axle when removing the old seals. Lubricate the new seals before gently tapping them into place with a socket the same size as the seal.
By regularly inspecting and replacing your wheel seals as needed, you'll help ensure a smooth, safe ride for miles to come. For the highest quality wheel seals at affordable prices, check out the selection at Auto Outlet Parts.
Why You Should Buy Your Wheel Seals From Auto Outlet Parts
When it comes to buying premium wheel seals, buy direct from the source – Auto Outlet Parts. Here are a few reasons why:
High Quality Parts
We sell only the highest quality wheel seals from trusted brands to ensure maximum performance and durability. Our parts are built to OEM specifications so you know you're getting parts that will seal and protect as well as the original.
Unbeatable Pricing
By purchasing direct from us, the manufacturer, you cut out the middleman and save big. We pass on major savings to our customers. You won't find better deals on genuine, premium wheel seals anywhere else.
Fast, Free Shipping
We offer free standard shipping on all orders over $50. And with warehouses located strategically across the country, your parts will arrive fast. Most orders ship same day and arrive within 1-3 business days.
Expert Support
Our highly trained staff have years of experience and can offer expert guidance on everything from product selection to installation. We're here to help get you the right wheel seals for your vehicle and budget.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We stand behind all of our products. If you're not completely satisfied with your wheel seals for any reason, return them within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. We aim to provide a premium product and experience for all of our customers.
When premium, high-performance wheel seals matter, trust the source – Auto Outlet Parts. You won't find a better combination of quality, selection, and value anywhere else.
How to Choose the Right Wheel Seal for Your Vehicle
Choosing the right wheel seal for your vehicle is important to protect your wheels and tires. There are a few factors to consider:
Wheel Size
Make sure you choose a wheel seal that is specifically designed for your wheel size. Wheel seals come in sizes for everything from small car wheels to large truck wheels. Measure your wheel diameter and width to find the right size.
Wheel seals are made of rubber, silicone or vinyl. Rubber seals tend to be the most durable, lasting 3-5 years. Silicone seals are flexible and long-lasting but more expensive. Vinyl seals are affordable but less durable, lasting 1-3 years. Consider your climate and how often you drive to determine the best material for your needs.
Some wheel seals require professional installation for the best protection and appearance. Do-it-yourself wheel seals that you install yourself are more budget-friendly but may be trickier to put on evenly. DIY seals typically just stick on, while professional seals often require special adhesive and tools to install. Check the product details to see if professional installation is recommended or required.
Wheel seal prices range from $20 to $200 or more per wheel, depending on the factors above. In general, the larger your wheels and the more heavy-duty the material, the higher the cost. However, professional installation also significantly impacts the total price. Budget DIY wheel seals can protect your wheels for under $100 total, while professionally installed premium seals for large truck wheels can cost $1000 or more for a set of 4.
Considering these factors will help you find wheel seals that protect your wheels for the long run without breaking your budget. With some smart shopping, you can keep your wheels looking like new for years to come.


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