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When Does Cancer Season Start 2023?

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Cancer Horoscope 2023 predicts new changes in the life of Cancerian natives. Major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu will significantly transform your life. This year you will experience those things which you have not experienced in your life before!

Saturn is the lord of the seventh and eighth house in your horoscope. It will shift to your eighth house in its mooltrikona sign Aquarius in January. Saturn is not a friendly planet for your sign. Saturn in the eighth house will sit strong to increase troubles in your life. There can be problems related to your health, wealth, and business or career. However, you may gain property in inheritance. Caution is expected, especially in health-related matters.

Jupiter will be present in your ninth house till April. So, luck will support you at the beginning of the year. There can be religious and spiritual inclinations at the beginning of the year. After that, Jupiter will transit into the tenth house, boosting your business and domestic life. Jupiter shows favor for business and family life. However, the year is not good for marital bliss, and couples may fight over small things.

Rahu and Ketu will be in the 10-4 axis since the beginning of the year, and there are better placements for deriving good results in business and domestic life. There can be clashes at home, and your mother’s health may not keep well. In October, Rahu and Ketu will shift to your ninth and third house, where they will create damage again. Overall, the transit demands lots of patience and sincerity to deal with the rugged and challenging times. Jupiter is the only saving grace in the year 2023. You can make the most of its positive results by following the karma alignment suggested by the planet. At the same time, take astrological consultation to remove the bad effects of other planets. Astrological remedies help remove the miseries and obstacles in life.

 Let’s understand what the effects will be and what you should do to make 2023 a successful year-


Cancer Health horoscope 2023

Cancer health horoscope 2023 doesn’t give good indications. Saturn in the eighth house from your natal Moon will strengthen your longevity but at the same time will give you diseases. The health issues will be as per your birth chart. You are most likely to have surgeries and accidents. Take an astrological consultation to know the effective remedies. For karma alignment, you should perform meditation, yoga, pranayam, etc. You should maintain a good eating pattern and take timely meals. You will maintain good energy and enthusiasm by following discipline and determination.


Cancer Love horoscope 2023

The year 2023 Horoscope Prediction indicates a problematic love life after October 2023. There will be misunderstandings and even break up toward the end of the year. In the beginning, Jupiter will bless your love relations, and you should take advantage of the same in strengthening your relations. Homework done at the beginning of the year will help you toward the end. We advise you to avoid suspicions and doubts to let Cancer love horoscope 2023 flourish this year.


Cancer Finance horoscope 2023

Cancer Yearly Horoscope gives positive indications for your finance. The sources, however, will be sudden and majorly through inheritance. The second and eleventh houses are the houses of wealth and finance in Vedic astrology. Both these houses will be under the influence of Jupiter and Rahu for most of the year. Jupiter will enhance wealth, whereas Rahu will spoil it. It would help you balance your expenses and earnings to avoid financial scarcity this year. 

Cancer Finance Horoscope 2023 states your expenses will be more than expected in 2023. You might spend a considerable amount on medical bills. Saturn and Rahu will affect your business toward the end leading to an economic crisis. However, you may earn through foreign travel and trade this year.


Cancer Career Horoscope 2023

Cancer career horoscope 2023 predicts a good year! Jupiter, with its presence in the 9th house at the beginning of the year, will bring support of luck. After that, in the tenth house, it will increase your business and earning opportunities. Jupiter will help, but at the same time, Saturn and Rahu will disturb your earning prospects. It will help if you take caution while making any significant business decision. Also, avoid any big investments or changing your job during this year. Cancer Horoscope Prediction for career and job says not expecting too much until Saturn sits in the house of unforeseen obstacles and sudden events. If your Saturn is vital in the birth chart, you can be at ease; else, you should take precautions.

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