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There are a few critical times in your life when all you can think of is hiring a locksmith. They may not be a part of your daily life but need locksmith services more than anything else.

 Lockout emergencies, lost or broken keys are some of the emergencies. But you should not wait for the emergency to appear before you search for a reliable locksmith in your area. Do it now and rest assured that you will not be forced to make this crucial decision in a hare.

It is important to remember that scammers are ready to exploit the people in distress so make sure you are hiring a certified locksmith.

Do you ever find yourself asking when is a residential locksmith required? Well, here are some answers that can be very helpful for every homeowner. You should keep the contact details of a reliable 24-hour locksmith in Richmond VA with you, at all times. 

1. To Resolve Lockouts

A lockout is one of the most annoying and embarrassing situations for a homeowner. Most people hire a locksmith after they find themselves locked out of the house. You might rush out to grab your morning newspaper and the door closes behind you. If the lock was not secured to avoid lockouts, it will engage and you can't do anything but wait. Some homeowners prefer to get spare keys from their locksmith to avoid such situations. A locksmith can get you inside the house without damaging the lock.

2. Replacing The House Locks

Whether you have moved into a new house or want to block access to previous owners you can replace the house locks. Some people hire lock replacement services when they are updating home security. Every homeowner must keep an eye out for lock and key damages before they become a greater issue and hinder your daily life routines.

3. Rekeying

In all of the situations when you need to replace your locks, there is an alternative, cheap yet effective solution called rekeying. It is mostly required when you don’t want to replace the entire lock hardware but render the older keys useless. A locksmith tweaks the pins of the lock and makes a new key for the same lock.

4. Key Cutting

At times you need to a new key made without having the original one. The reason may be lost or stolen keys. A lot of people ask whether it is possible or not. Thanks to the expertise of the locksmiths it is possible. They can either cut a new key by conventional methods or use a high tech machine to make new keys. They often search for the identification number written on the lock to make the new key. Others can manufacture a new key after figuring out the exact design of locking pins.

5. A House Break-In

 Hiring residential locksmith services in Richmond VA  becomes inevitable after a house break-in. The professionals can repair the damaged locks to ensure your security


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