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We often get to hear that Men are always about Sex. They talk sex, they think sex and are Horny almost all the time. But when it comes to women, they don’t often talk and think about sex but they actually desire to have sex more often compared to men. There was a time when it was considered that men demand sex but the time is changing and in the modern era, women are coming out more openly and are openly demanding sex from their men. Earlier, men used to hesitate while asking for sex because they assumed that they will demand sex and their women will deny it.

No, Bro! Your woman must be craving sex and you can demand sex to full-fill your and her desire too. She will be happy to know! There are a number of advantages of having sex and you can welcome all those advantages along with your partner while enjoying the art of making love.

But! Yes, there is a but!

Before initiating sex life with a partner, women are concerned that how many rounds their partner or a normal guy can go. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors and in this post, we gonna introduce you to all those factors so that you can get a rough idea that when it comes to sex, how many rounds your partner can go. So, let’s get started with this sizzling and hot topic.

Age of Your Love Partner

If the age of your love partner is 40 or above 40, then it is confirmed that they cannot last 4 or 5 rounds because, with age, they can observe some sexual disorders like they will not get enough hard erection.  And when it comes to the men in their 20s, it is obvious that they can go multiple rounds to satisfy their sexual desires like 5 to 6 rounds. Their stamina will be more and their erection will be enough hard to give you a heavenly sexual experience with various passionate style.

Refractory Period

Do you know what is refractory period and why it is considered a crucial factor in sex? Refractory period is the recovery phase between the first and second round of sex when you need to chill for a while to get ready for another round. The refractory period depends on the age of your partner. If your partner is in his 20s, then their refractory period can be 15 minutes to 20 minutes and if your partner is in his 70s, then it can be an entire day. So, we hope that the picture of your answer is getting a little clear.

Psychological State

The psychological state stands for the mental state of mind. The tension and stress in the relationship also impact the number of rounds during intercourse and the art of making love as well. And if you are diagnosed with depression and are taking medication for depression, then also the testosterone may drop and it will ultimately affect your refractory period.

So, these are the three major three factors that give you a clear picture of your question that how many rounds a normal guy can go during sex.

What do You count as Sex?

To know the number of rounds during sex, it is also important to understand what actually sex is and what are you counting as sex. So many people still wonder if what they are doing is counted as sex or not. If you are also one of them, then we would like to aware you of the facts that are related to sex.

What if it was with the same Gender?

Sex has nothing to do with Gender. No matter if you are having sex with the same or the opposite gender. If you are having it, it means you had sex. Sex with the same gender can be oral, fingering, sex toy, or in any other way and it will be called sex.

What If his Penis was just Halfway?

There is no rule book for sex that can help you to know that this time it counts as sex or not. There is no set rule which will help you to know that when this much inch of the penis is inserted or that much is inserted, then it will be counted as sex or not.

What if I had Oral Sex?

Some people prefer oral sex over real sex as it makes them feel this is a more passionate style of sex. But it doesn’t mean that it will not be counted as sex. Oral or Anal, both will be counted as Sex. So, wake up! What you are having is sex!

Final Takeaways!

Most of our readers were wandering around with a question how many Rounds Can A Normal Guy Go during Sex but were hesitating to ask. So, here in this post, we shared an entire post with our readers where we shared a rough idea of the total number of rounds during sex. And this number depends on three major factors which are the age of Your Love Partner, Refractory Period, and Psychological state. After reading this post, you must have a clear picture of sex and what actually is sex. For more such hot and sizzling sex knowledge, keep your eyes peeled at our blog section. See you soon in our next post!

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