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Salesforce is used by businesses of all sizes expanding various industries. The cloud-based CRM contains numerous tools and features that help organizations to automate workflows, collaborate with teams, centralize processes and engage better with customers.

Managing such an extensive platform requires an expert professional who can make changes in the setup as per organizational needs. A Salesforce admin checks system performance addresses user concerns, runs validation tests, maintains backup, and implements enhancements to keep the CRM updated.

While hiring an admin is crucial to keep Salesforce optimized, some businesses have budget limitations and it is not feasible for them to hire an admin on a full-time basis. For those firms, hiring a Remote Salesforce Administrator for fixed hours can be a cost-effective investment. Additionally, hiring remote admin saves organizations from potential hiring and onboarding hassles as well.

So when should a business hire a Salesforce Administrator? We have listed a few scenarios when an organization may require an admin:

  1. The Default Version Needs Changes

After a business buys a cloud version, it realizes that the default setup does not suit its needs and requires configuration/customization. An admin in Salesforce creates accounts, imports data, assigns access rights, and sets up a process to make it suitable for business units. By hiring a Salesforce System Administrator, organizations have a business-centric implementation that has the right components,  functionalities, and integrations.

  1. To Keep Up With Annual Updates

Salesforce releases three updates every year where new features are rolled out. With an admin alongside, firms need not be worried about the much-required updates or changes and can focus on their core operations. An admin reads release notes, educates the stakeholders about the possible changes, prepares a plan for customization, and communicates with users on what to expect when updates are installed. Thus with planned changes, users are more aware and efficient while working.

  1. Day-to-Day Management

Salesforce is used by multiple users who encounter issues that require quick resolution. In absence of prompt resolution, customers on the other end may get frustrated by slow service and hence abandon the services/product usage.  To eliminate such issues, organizations need an administrator who has tech-know how and experience as an admin. A system admin examines  SFDC records, runs APEX tests, checks user login activity validates data, contacts and maintains backup keeping the setup optimized and updated. Based on one’s needs, firms may hire a Remote Salesforce Administrator on a full-time or fixed-hour basis.

4. Adding Enhancements in the Setup

Salesforce has six main products namely Sales, Marketing, Service, Commerce, Communities, and Integration clouds. Each of these clouds has multiple editions, add-ons, and special selections to extend the capabilities of the system. Moreover, Salesforce provides 13 different industry-specific solutions (Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Government Cloud, etc) and App Cloud which can be used to develop, integrate and customize applications. By hiring a Remote Salesforce Administrator, organizations need not worry about all of this and can focus on their core operations. A system administrator configures the setup and connects with the development team to add the required enhancements to one’s system.


The role of an admin is essential to maintain high business efficiency and have an optimized CRM. A Salesforce Administrator manages the setup, addresses user concerns, monitors system performance, and implements enhancements whenever there is an opportunity or need to do so. With an updated setup, streamlined workflow, and an expert alongside, organizations achieve their customer acquisition and revenue goals easily. 



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