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Most women know about the comfort that a maternity bra or a nursing bra can bring. However, they are not sure when they should start wearing one. This blog is to tell you when you should get fitted for a maternity and nursing bra.

When is The Right Time to Start Using a Maternity Bra?

Every woman is different and so is her pregnancy. However, one thing remains the same – it’s that your breasts don’t change only after childbirth. They start changing while you are pregnant. Typically, a woman’s breasts will start undergoing changes around the second trimester of the pregnancy, though this may vary for different women.

The best way to tell that you need to be fitted for a maternity bra is when your regular bra starts feeling tight or uncomfortable. Remember that you should avoid wearing a tight or wired bra when your breasts start undergoing physical changes. The underwire can poke into sensitive breasts (your breasts are extra sensitive during pregnancy) and cause a lot of discomfort to pregnant women.

Why do you Need a Nursing Bra?

When the breasts start undergoing physical change, it’s important to understand what’s happening. Your breasts are getting ready for producing milk for the baby. Since breastmilk is such an important part of a baby’s nutrition, it’s important that you take care of your breasts during this time.

The other reason why you should take care of your breasts is to maintain their shape and prevent sagging. When breasts go through pregnancy and breastfeeding, they need good support. In the absence of this support, the breast tissue weakens resulting in sagging breasts.

Getting the Most out of  Your Maternity and Nursing Bra

Motherhood and maternity bras go hand in hand. When you eventually start nursing, you will find that having a nursing bra is extremely convenient to breastfeed comfortably. You can even nurse on the go, whenever the baby is hungry. Wearing the maternity bras that you got during pregnancy during the breastfeeding phase will give you more mileage out of the bras.

The best place to buy such maternity bras that are ideal to be worn during pregnancy as well as beyond it is the online maternity wear store Lovemère. You can pick up pretty bras for yourself which are super comfortable and breathable to help you feel relaxed during pregnancy and beyond.

If you gain some weight through the course of your pregnancy (many women do!), and the nursing bra you got for yourself feels tight, you can always get yourself the Lovemère bra extender pack which will instantly solve your problem!

So mummies, take care of yourself right from pregnancy. Gift yourself comfort with soft and breathable nursing and maternity bras.


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