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Like an engine, compression is also a very important part of a vehicle. If you want your engine to function properly then you need to have proper working compression in your vehicle. Because of low compression sometimes you may experience many engine-related issues which are very expensive to repair. In this post, we have discussed when to fix the low compression problem in an engine quickly.

Top compression problems that you need to fix it soon.

When the head gasket gets damaged

The Head gasket is mainly used to separate the oil, coolant, and compression in the engine. If you are experiencing that your engine’s head gasket is failed and showing problems while driving means you need to fix it as soon as possible with your experienced technician.

When valves or seals show poor performance

Faulty valves also affect the overall performance of the vehicle. The most common cause of low compression is faulty valves or valve seats. Faulty valves can damage exhaust valves or intake valves of the engine poorly. So, you need to repair it quickly if you don’t want to buy a used engine for your vehicle. Sometimes due to faulty valves, the compression also leaks out into your exhaust during the combustion process and causes holes or other damages to the valves.

When Piston Rings get damaged

Generally, a car has 2 to 4 piston rings. These rings make sure that there will be no compression leak into the crankcase and ensure that no oil will come up in the combustion chamber. But sometimes piston rings get damaged or worn out due to prolonged use. While replacing piston rings you need to open each and every part of the engine, which is a costly and tedious job too. Hence, we suggest you look for used branded engines like used Honda engines for sale or Chevy engines for sale to purchase one that is cost-efficient and compatible with your branded vehicle.

When the camshaft belt doesn’t work properly

Due to faulty camshaft belts, you may find low compression problems in your vehicle. You could also find problems in your engine when it is wrongly or poorly installed. The timing belt rotates and transfers power to the camshaft to control the valve's opening times. Whereas valves control the inflow and outflow of gases from the combustion chambers. When the belt gets damaged, it leads to low compression problems in your vehicle which is required to resolve soon by a trained technician.


Above written all problems show low compression in your engine when they get damaged and after some time, it decreases overall performance of the vehicle. So, if you don’t want to disturb your daily work because of a low compression issue then quickly diagnose a problem related to that and fix it properly with your known mechanic. You can do compression testing once in six months for hassle-free driving.

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