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Hiring survey companies in Calgary has become essential if you want to buy or sell any property in the state. A survey company may assist you with both the land survey of your property and the preparation of a Real Property Report for it. In this article, we go into detail about surveying and the best time to hire a survey company.

What is Land Surveying?
Land surveying is a technique for obtaining comprehensive information on the topography of the land for use in future planning, designing, and setting property boundaries by making observations, collecting measurements in the field, using various surveying tools, and analysing the results.

A land survey includes information such as the location of the property, its boundaries, the nature of the topography and the right of easements.

Land surveyors are skilled professionals that survey the land. They are experts in determining plot size and topographic heights for use in everything from planning to construction. They are adept in working on a variety of tasks, including planning and designing infrastructure, developing property, and building.

To find and interpret the positions of boundaries, buildings, and other structures above and below the earth's surface, land surveyors plan, organise, and carry out legal surveys. To produce accurate descriptions of the features of the Earth's surface in the form of surveys and maps, engineers, architects, and builders collaborate with land surveyors.

Types Of Surveying
Not every survey service is the same. There are many various types of surveys, and each one has a distinct function. The most prevalent surveys are:

● ALTA Survey: ALTA/ACSM surveys are frequently utilised for commercial real estate and depict current site developments concerning their boundaries as they appear on the title.

● Property Boundary Survey: This kind of land survey is performed to identify a parcel of land's corners and property boundary lines.

● Construction Survey: By marking out structures and upgrades on land, construction surveys assist in directing workers per development plans.

● Location Survey: A location survey, like a border survey, offers more details on the location of interior renovations. The most typical purpose of this kind of survey is to meet the requirements of a loan application or zoning permission.

● Site Planning Survey: This type of survey is typically necessary to obtain a development permit. Site planning is the design and planning phase of a new development project.

● Subdivision Survey: A subdivision survey is required to be recorded in the land records with the recorder's office and is used to generate subdivision plats.

● Topographic Survey: A topographic survey collects information on the elevation of various places on a block of ground and plots it as contour lines.

When To Hire A Land Surveyor?
If you own land-based property, there is a good chance that you may need a land survey. Land survey companies in Calgary could be of great help in protecting your investment. Real estate purchases, whether they be houses, plots of land, or commercial buildings, demand a large financial outlay and may be the biggest investment you ever make.

The following are typical situations where a land survey is suggested or required:

● Settling land disputes

● Purchasing land

● Selling land

● Land improvement

● Land division

● New real estate development

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