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Matching in a logical way is one of the first skills that boys and girls develop and that they do intuitively. These pairings favor the logical-mathematical development of boys and girls and promote the acquisition of language.

Toys and games

It is important to offer boys and girls different types of matches where they have to match using different criteria each time, such as matching by color, by image, by family, by habitat, by profession…

What are Logical Pairings?

The logical pairings consist of offering the child the possibility of matching two or more elements in a logical way, in such a way that they have the opportunity to reason and relate.

Here we show you a selection of games to perform different and varied logical pairings for boys and girls from 18 months.

Mother and baby

The Mom and Baby Duo puzzle is a set of 12 puzzles with large pieces of cardboard, recommended for ages two and up

With this puzzle, the boys and girls will have to match the animal mothers with their babies.

Its pieces are easy to manipulate for the little ones that after matching the two pieces that correspond to the mother and the baby, will have to check that they have succeeded by joining the puzzle.

The Construction Works sewing set is a very complete set with excellent quality wooden pieces, “needles” with cord to sew the elements, and reversible puzzles with different series Recommended for boys and girls from 18 months.

The Toys and games will consist of assembling one of the puzzles with large pieces of hard cardboard.

We place the pieces we need in front of the drawings to know in what order we will have to thread them. In this way we will be making image pairings with another image exactly the same.

Once the pairing is done, we can sew the figures on the cord with the help of the plastic needle at the end. This makes it very easy to thread the pieces even for the youngest children. With this activity we will be working, in addition to pairings fine motor skills and the prewriting clamp.

Best Toys and games

The nesting puzzle Pesca is a nesting puzzle with magnetic wooden pieces for boys and girls from 2 years old.

Each lace has the image of the fish to which it corresponds in small, so this time, they will be pairing an image with another image that is the same but smaller.

In addition, they will be fitting the shape of the silhouette of each piece in the laces and they will practice fine motor skills and the turn of the wrist.

It is a game that boys and girls love since it has a fishing rod in which you can fish magnetically.

The Geronimo puzzle is a set of 10 puzzles made of large pieces of thick cardboard from 2 years of age.

It consists of matching the animals with their houses so that the boys and girls will learn where the animals live, their names, and the names of their houses.

After identifying the house that corresponds to each animal, they will verify if they have been correct if the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

The maxi Animal Silhouettes puzzles form a set of 9 large puzzles in real photos for boys and girls from 2 years old. It is about different animals between 3 and 4 pieces each.

In the beginning, we can offer the child a single silhouette or a small selection, so that they focus on uniting this single figure by fitting the different parts of the body.

Then we can add silhouettes increasing the number each time. With more than one figure, the child will match the pieces by parts of the body of the same animal.

On the back of the silhouettes, the pieces that correspond to the same animal have the same color. If we prefer, we can match the pieces by color and then rotate them to fit the animal.

The game to link professions has several perforated wooden figures to a string by associating the different professions with their vehicles and accessories.

On this occasion, the laces do not have a “needle” but the rigid end of the laces itself, so more precision will be needed to thread. It is recommended for boys and girls from 3 years old.

The game includes 8 different professions where 4 women and 2 men appear, with it we will learn the different professions, the type of accessories and vehicles they use, and we will also learn their specific language.

Where to buy all these educational toys and games?

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