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Where to buy wholesale jewelry?

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Jewelry is a fashion must-have and a pricier item. For such high-value items, you must be very careful when purchasing, not only to strictly control the quality of the product, but also to strive for a favorable price.

If you buy wholesale jewelry online, it is even more difficult, because the jewelry itself requires professional knowledge to distinguish the authenticity, and it is possible to buy imitations offline, not to mention online. Therefore, choosing a reliable online wholesale jewelry supplier is crucial. 

We can follow this method to help us find reliable partners. 

You can do your own research or buy a business report to get information on each jeweler, including style, quality, average price, wind reviews, and more. Make it into a table arranged according to the size of the pros and cons, and divide it into several intervals. 

1. Style 

We need to understand the positioning of the jeweler. If we want to buy jade necklaces, there is no need to choose a supplier that specializes in diamond necklaces.

 2. Quality 

  • If you have professional jewelry knowledge, it would be better. Of course it doesn't matter, you can seek 3rd party assistance can't you? But we can't buy samples of all jewelers for evaluation, right?
  •  We can see if the jeweler can provide an appraisal certificate for its products to make a preliminary judgment. If you don't even dare to give the appraisal certificate to consumers, there is a high probability that the quality of his products is not good.

 3. Price

 Price is king. Of course, we want to find low-cost products, so that the profit margin will be large, which does not need to be explained too much. 

4. Evaluation 

The eyes of the masses are sharp, we should make judgments with the help of other people's experience and choose a store with a good reputation. 

Combined with your own situation, use this method, only keep the expected interval, and then select from it. This will help you to choose suppliers in an organized manner. 

Here, I still recommend Jewelkg, an e-commerce platform that sells wholesale jewelry by kilograms. Its products are as many as 2000+, and they are constantly being updated. The wind reviews are also very good, and the price/performance ratio is also very high.


 Moreover, the platform has many bright spots: 

  • Innovative spirit, selling jewelry by the kilogram, very interesting. 
  • The product line is rich and shipped randomly, each kilogram contains a variety of styles of jewelry, suitable for personal use or secondary wholesale sales. 
  • Hygienic and safe, the products are individually packaged. Will not affect the customer's secondary sales or giveaways. 
  • The products are of good quality, the products sold by weight are from jewelry factories, and for quick cash back, or some default products, they are sold in low price packages. Therefore, the product is not inferior, and every product has integrity.
  •  Perfect service system, guaranteed before and after sales, there will be no phenomenon of inactive communication after sales. The styles of the products sold by 
  • jewelkg are shipped randomly. Every purchase is full of surprises. A buyer may even wish to include the product of her choice in a pound package. 
  • Efficient logistics, large inventory, no need to wait for processing, fast delivery. 

Therefore, more and more buyers are choosing to buy wholesale jewelry by the kilogram on Jewelrykg. This is the latest fashion wholesale jewelry sales method, which is innovative, practical and interesting. If you're looking for great wholesale jewelry for your inventory, try this new way to buy that might save you a ton of money. (use promo code for internal price 6DVGCYG7)



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