Logo Design Inspiration

A logo is critical when it comes to branding. However, finding logo design inspiration can be a difficult task. Read on to understand where to start looking.

Social Media

Social media is an ideal resource if you are looking for numerous ideas on a wide range of topics. Visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are excellent options because you view a wide range of logo examples at once. These examples ease the comparing process. Use hashtags to narrow down your search.

If you prefer Pinterest, you can follow the Pinterest boards that you like. The drawback of using social media is that you will have to navigate many non-professional designs before finding great logo designs. While you can get logo inspiration from amateurs, filtering out low-quality designs can be a difficult task. 


Logoed is a one-page archive where you can access attractive logo designs. It comes with vertical scroll features that make it user friendly and easy to navigate. The more you scroll down the page, the more projects you get on your screen. All you need to do is click on each thumbnail to reveal more information about each project. You will also get a wide range of images. 

Image Searches

Apart from the branding factor, just images. You can capture your favorite photo and hire a remote graphic designer to design a stylized format of the same, including your brand name.  

You can get inspiration from different images. What’s more, all you need to do so is a search engine. Did you know that you can start designing your logo as long as you understand specific features and traits about your brand? Type these features on Google or any other search engine and find your desired image. 

You can search for anything through the internet. Image searches are an ideal place to start, especially if you are a beginner. Remember, you will do a lot of scrolling before you can find your preferred image. 


Logoimport is an account on Instagram that comes with creative sketches and logos. It attracts over 1.4 million impressions per week, making it an ideal profile for opinions regarding logo designs. Each post has some comments about colours, typography, and different other design elements. 


Behance features numerous curated galleries, making it ideal for logo design inspiration. If you are looking for the best web design collections without struggling, then this platform is your go-to option. Behance allows you to filter your search by logo design. You can even find any logo design inspiration you need from the Best of Behance collection on the platform.

Your Brand Story

Remember, logos should be part of your brand. One of the best places to search for inspiration should be within instead of outside your brand. Think of your brand identity to establish whether any visual indications come out immediately. Ask yourself the following questions to help you get logo ideas. 

What wordplay or visual jokes can you make with your brand slogan or name? These elements are ideal for brand recall and retention. 

What features and qualities are critical for your brand? What images bring out those features the most? For example, assuming you want to demonstrate your expertise and wisdom, you may want to use a microscope, book, or owl images. 

Conduct research and identify artists whose style you feel would match your expectations. Figure out their unique features that meet your brand well. 

Which typography best matches your brand name? Choose formal, classy, or vivacious typography based on what you want your brand to communicate. 

Probe your brand identity deeper and come up with a list of ideas, words, and even colours. Use your findings as a base to develop a logo design that best fits your brand.

Your Competitors

You want to keep checking what your competitors are doing. This gives you an idea of what to do or not do to improve your own brand. Remember, your competitors have similar business objectives to yours, which means that, their logos will be nearly the same. For example, many banks use blue in their logos. As we mentioned before, blue demonstrates trust, which many people value, especially when dealing with financial providers.

Checking your competitors’ logos helps you understand what you can improve on to stand out. Often, choosing something different from what your competitors are doing will help you generate more business. It also helps grab the attention of your target audience. 


A logo design is a critical tool that helps promote a company’s services and products. For your logo to be effective, you need to make it unique. It should also feature colours and a design concept that matches your brand. A unique logo design not only attracts potential customers but also leaves a lasting impression on them.


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