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It’s been over two weeks since Fortnite’s Season 3 has arrived. The game, as usual, continues to gather acclamation from all over the world. The game has changed quite a lot, especially when it comes to its surrounding. Now, most of the part of the game has been immersed in the water, thanks to Aquaman’s contract that took place between Epic Games and DC Comics. Although heading to the aspects, most of them are similar to those who were in the previous game; however, several hidden perks have been added to it. In this article, we will discuss one of those hidden perks; the secret loot boat. If you are intended to know how to find the secret loot boat in Fortnite, then read through the below-written workaround about them.

About Secret Loot Boat

Before heading towards the following process, let us first brief our gamers about the secret loot boat. Several amateur gamers must be thinking about why the secret loot boat is essential. The major reason is that there are numerous hidden gems, chests, and essential items hidden on the boat. Alongside this, the boat has several abilities too, that include floating and fast drive. Thus, we suggest to all the gamers reading this article to find the secret loot boat and avail of it. Below we have provided a guide to find the secret loot boat.

Finding the Secret Loot Boat in Fortnite

It is not the first time that gamers have faced an issue in finding something in the world of Fortnite. However, with few gimmicks and a proper strategy, they would have succeeded in finding them. Similar will happen with the secret loot boat. First, the gamers need to know that the secret loot boat is quite small in size and amongst other ships and boats lie in the Harbor, it would surely be difficult to find it. Thus, gamers need to find and use the Battle Bus to provide ease to their search for the secret loot boat, once they successfully manage the climbing over the Battle Bus, they need to start scanning the Harbor.

Though the process will conceive a lot of time for the gamers, they will surely be able to find the secret loot bus. Once gamers successfully find the secret loot boat, then they have to straightly jump on it. Gamers also need to be ensured about one more thing. Their intention of jumping upon the secret loot boat must be kept as a secret; otherwise, the other players will be going to hinder their motive.


The article contains information about the secret loot boat of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3. In this article, we have briefed about the methods to find the secret loot boat in Fortnite. We hope that the gamers who have visited this article will surely accomplish their purpose through it.

Gamers who are keen to attain the mesmerizing gaming experience of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 can obtain it on Xbox One, Mobile, PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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