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Where to Store an Electronic Press Kit?

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A publicity or press kit is a page on the website with tools and information for journalists and publishers. The best press kits simplify for reporters to learn about a product or brand and access images and publicity collateral for use in stories. It is a bundle of promotional materials sent to press members to educate them on a product, service, or nominee.

The electronic press kit we know today is much more engaging and helpful than the boxed kits public relations professionals used to ship to media contacts in the past. Companies can provide a stronger marketing package thanks to technological advances that offer easy-to-digest insights on brands, resources, products, and leadership, improving the chances of favorable media attention.


Initially, a press kit used to be a set of papers, images, and materials submitted to media outlets for marketing. Today, it is a component of your website and is the accepted method for attracting attention to inspirational keynote speeches in the digital world. Digital press kits are a standard format for creating and distributing content for promotional purposes in e-commerce.

You can utilize them to promote product launches, mergers and acquisitions, company news, and special events.

Where to store it?

With the digital press kits, you can easily exchange links to them and use an analytics tool to track the number of visitors. Keeping it online is ideal since it is easy to update, share, and adapt at any time. You only need to edit the photo file once. Anyone with a connection immediately sees it with the most recent content. Your press kit should be simple to locate and use.

Since journalists are familiar with press kits located at the page’s footer, ensure to mention a link for easy access. Your website becomes a media pack to decide the ease of use and media upload thresholds.


This document should be concise. It is helpful to share them at a gathering on the audience’s smartphone. Unlike other web material accessible, it educates people by including stories about your brand. As a result, the printable press kit can tailor to a specific audience or occasion.

How does it help?

Whatever details you include in a publicity package, ensure that all assets are media-ready and available to reporters immediately. They gain attention and develop stronger media connections. An electronic press kit with all your materials, convenient to share, and preview, is a safer option for journalists and you. It allows you to refresh your press releases, change old folders, or add new ones to your publicity package.

Final Note

A press kit makes it simpler for you to attract media attention. The list of helpful press resources includes a company overview, free brand properties, product screenshots, leadership profiles, images, etc.


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