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Which are the best games for kids?

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Playing games is the best way for kids to start learning. They love exploring and learning new things early in their lives. As parents, you fill your houses with toys your dear ones love to adore and have fun with. However, did you know that encouraging your child to play with educational activity toys can help their intellectual and motor development?

Since most kids spend time indoors with their family, parents must keep them occupied to help them learn something new daily. Buying 5-year-old games promotes creativity, independence, and pretend play at home. They make a stressful time manageable. Following are a few recommendations:

LEGO building blocks

Building blocks are creative toys that exercise your child’s creativity, train imagination and teach them how to work towards a goal. Lego is a classic brand that has been delighting child builders for ages. In addition to basic building bricks in 35 different colours, this kit includes windows, toy eyes, tires, wheel rims, and more.

Your child can mix and match 484 pieces to build all kinds of creations limited only by imagination. They spend countless hours having fun honing their creativity.

Crayola Kids’ Washable Paint

Another way your child expresses their creative skills is through paint and making art. With this washable paint, your child can showcase their artistic talent without you worrying about the mess on the skin, clothing, or any part of the house. They can blend two or more paint colours to form a new hue.

Toddler Basketball Hoop Stand

Basketball is the best and most enjoyable sport to play. It makes your child move the entire body while developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and even social skills when playing with friends. This basketball hoop stand includes a net, ball, pump, stand, base, rim, and other accessories.

Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

It is one of the best 3-year-old toys that set them off on letter and number recognition, the first step to building reading and math skills. This electronic poster has an interactive feature that would make your child spend more time learning with it. Pressing the button on a letter tells your child what it is and other objects starting with it.

Matching letters

In these 3-year-old games, your child must identify the picture and find letters to spell the character. The game contains 12 letter cubes and 30 double-sided picture cards. It helps your preschooler learn or reinforce their knowledge of sight words, letter sounds, and spelling.


It is ideal for kids to learn from different toys and games. They implement their knowledge while spending quality time with relatives.



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