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Defining ‘the best school’ is a challenging task. There is no one textbook answer to that question. The opinions of parents can change based on their experiences, views, necessities, demands, needs, and other factors. There are certain markers that parents look out for while searching for a school of their choice for their child. Information and details about those markers ensure the reliability of the school that the parents like. 

Some important information that parents rely on to understand the standard of education provided by a particular school are, the academic structure, curriculum and ethos, cost, teaching methodology, faculty, campus infrastructure, and more. As a parent, it is important to keep a check on the given criteria of a school. It's crucial to understand which school can deliver the facilities and opportunities to provide children with the promised quality of education. The assured development of children during their educational years by a school is all that parents need from a school, and for them that would be the best school.

The landscape of education and curriculums in Abu Dhabi

Schools in Abu Dhabi have grown in numbers in the past decade. There are 235 schools listed in the Abu Dhabi emirates as of 2020. More than 200000 students attend private schools. About 48 of those private schools offer UAE National curriculum to students. The remaining private schools offer a variety of international curriculums including the IB curriculum, British, Indian, CBSE, Canadian, German, Japanese, and many others. The most popular curriculums among the population of Abu Dhabi are, first the British curriculum, the US curriculum stands second and the Indian curriculum stands third. 

Best Schools in Abu Dhabi

It is important to note that a curriculum is not the only deciding factor of the best school but it is an important factor. Here is a list of some best schools in Abu Dhabi that have some of the best overall ratings by multiple trusted sources. These schools are international schools that have gained the trust of millions of students across the world over the years. 

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Global Indian International School has become one of the best-rated schools in all of Abu Dhabi in a short span of time. GIIS provides value-based education and also aspires to become a global benchmark for the same. They consider the holistic development of a child and put the happiness of children while learning as a priority. GIIS ensures the growth of children into strong and passionate learners. GIIS provides quality education for children all around the world. You can check out this Abu Dhabi Indian School Fees and admission procedure online on the website.

Al Dhafra Private School

Al Dhafra Private School is another one of the best-rated schools in all of Abu Dhabi.  Al Dhafra Private School ensures the safety of its students whereby the cultures and traditions of every individual are honored. They believe in providing their students with skills that enable them to perform their best under any given circumstances. Al Dhafra Private School enables children to grow in an environment that empowers them to face the challenging world. It helps to build self-confidence among children


Schools like Al Dhafra Private School and Global Indian International School provide children with quality education. Especially GIIS –  this Abu Dhabi Indian school fees is also quite affordable given the facilities they provide to the students. Both these schools tick off all the criteria markers that ensure the safety and reliability of educational excellence that the parents demand from schools. The education children get in Al Dhafra Private School and Global Indian International School is of outstanding quality. 


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